There is less hope in real

Recently, I had occasion to converse with a few young atheists including my brother. Out of curiosity on them swimming against the current, I asked them about their reason for being an atheist. Many of them, including my brother have got exceptional intelligence and generous perspective, nevertheless their reasoning for the decision of rejecting their creator seemed inappropriate and childish. The fun factor is, most of them used to have intense faith in God in their earlier days. Later when they studied religion in depth, they found that God does not exist!!! As mentioned earlier, ‘the curious me’ in me asked them what is the essence of that deep knowledge about God and many of the great atheists intelligently avoided my question. When the ‘assiduous me’ in me repeated the same question, many atheist scholars bid me good bye.

From their short answers, I made an abrupt picture about the exact reason of them being atheists.  Let’s categorize them in the chronological order of ages of these great thinkers.

First set- Teenagers

It’s normal for teenagers to have ‘told and untold love stories’. They prayed hard for having their lovers as their partners. “Alas!! This God!!! He never hears our prayers!!! God, do you really exist? If yes, why don’t you listen my prayers? Why she/he left me? I loved her/him so much, yet you never cared about my pure heart. I hate you. By the way, do you really exist????” Finally, the intellectual reasoning of these great intellects comes out, “that God does not exist, if he does, he would have answered my prayers.”

Second set- Youth

“I always considered me as the best personality in my campus/ neighborhood. There are some low profile youth also dwell in my neighborhood. No one in my area will deny the fact that, I have a higher range of intelligence, education, beauty and personality than those low profile peers of mine. Yet, they got better career, better life, better marriage and better amenities. I still am suffering under poverty, dependence, drudgery and frustration. Why am I into this? Why God is not listening my prayers? Can’t he see my tears?  God, do you really exist? I don’t think you exist, if you do, you will never be able to allow this injustice. So, God does not exist!!!

Third Set- Offspring’s of rich parents

“I have everything I do desire. I never was in want. Then why should I waste my time going to church/mosque/temple. If I could avoid that, I can spend that time with new girls/boys. Or else, I can go on an exploration of various adventures. As I don’t need a God, why should I worship him? So, lets join the group of atheists where, I can come across with different types of limitless amusements.”

Though, there can be other types of atheists, primary classification finds these three common types I could find during my observation. Once an atheist is born, he or she keeps themselves engaged in activities that will grow the faith of atheism in them. In this stage of infancy, they will be on a search of people with similar faith. They depend on ways like theological group discussions, participation in extreme Marxist meetings, Social media marketing etc. to form themselves as atheist groups. Once these groups are formed, they will together share their intellectual knowledge to prove that the God does not exist.

Forth set- So called ‘atheist’ leaders

“I was instrumental to add a lot of normal human beings to abnormal atheism during my lifetime. Now, I have grown old and am not sure about the events after death. Will there be a hell? If yes, will I go there after my death? I really do want to go to heaven, but will God accept me now? But, being widely respected as the leader of atheists, how will I publicly confide that I renounced my faith in atheism? God, please help me to hide my faith in you. Please save me from hell.”
Death being the ultimate reality of life, usually almost all the atheists bid goodbye to their faith in atheism as they grow older and older. The fear of hell is the primary cause for this great conversion and renewal of minds. During my survey, I could find a lot of erstwhile atheists visiting temples, mosques and churches. I must say, the rate of conversion of atheists to Christian faith was comparatively higher than other faith streams. But of course, atheist committee leaders were reluctant to attend these religious worship in public.

An overview- It’s an interview

As part of my data collection, I had occasion to speak to a university professor whose name, I am not authorized to reveal. He is a research scholar in sociology. I will quote the significant parts of our interview here.

I               -Good evening sir

Atheist    -Good Evening Jisha. How are you? How is your God? Is he still alive?

I                -Well, I am cool sir, and my God indeed is the coolest   

Atheist    - By the way, why are you wasting your time on interviewing the ‘normal people’ like us. Its better for you to converse with Mad worshippers of God whose disposition will go very well with you.

 I               - I understand your concern sir. But this is a part of my social research. I also thought of having an idea about your reasons to reject God.

Atheist- Good Jisha. Enthusiastic people like you if understand the reality about God, this earth will be a better place to live in. (continues with Terrorism, polygamy, corruption, autocracy, anarchy, social stratification, unequal status of women and other social dysfunctions) If there was a God, he would not have let all this happen to his creation.

 I          - Then what do you suggest on the reason of existence of this universe?

Atheist- It’s a very silly question. I didn’t expect such a foolish question from you. Now, don’t tell me that your God created this universe. Jisha, haven’t you read about the
 big bang theory?

 I         - Sir, I didn’t give any statement on the creation of this universe, Instead I asked for your idea about the beginning of this universe.

(It took a few minutes for me to make him understand that my intention was not criticism. When the ice broke, there was a flow of knowledge in abundance.)

Atheist- Jisha, life is not created. It is originated. Let me explain it with the example of a virus. Out of a resource pool like a human body, a virus is just a chemical compound or we can say a chemical element. Once it enters a resource pool like blood, it becomes a living being and starts to reproduce. This is the norm of life.

I         - So, in your opinion any chemical element can become a virus?

Atheist- Yes, you said it!!......

I       - But sir, Sorry for the intervention!!! if my science teacher was not wrong, outside a resource pool, a virus cell is a protein coated nucleic acid. It could be either DNA or RNA and it is named as virion.

Atheist- Yes, it could be!!! But, Don’t you know, it’s a non living cell out of the human body. Similarly, any non living cell can have life if there is a constant source of resource to provide it with life.
I          - I do agree with you, sir, Even the resource available in a dead body can be a source of energy for the virus to reproduce. Meanwhile, can I have permission to ask two doubts regarding your idea about life on earth.

Atheist  -Yes, Jisha, go on….

I            - You took the example of virus to prove the irrelevance of God in the creation of life. As I said, virion is a protein coated amino acid molecule. Its true that we can develop such an amino acid molecule in the laboratory conditions, now my doubts
1.  how does it form without the presence of an external force in the beginning?
2. what resource pool would have been assisted it to reproduce?

Atheist- Jisha, you know, I am not a science scholar. My subject is sociology and philosophy. Yet, I will answer the question. I hope a scientist can give you a better answer…Now, your question

First question- These laboratory conditions could have been created by the after effects of the big bang that produced a lot of heat energy and light. The physical conditions required for the formation of these amino acids could be the after effects of the big bang.
Second question-. The subject of resource pool is applicable only after the formation of chemical. Now we are discussing about the formation of the non-living chemical. Not about life. So, its an irrelevant doubt for time being.

I       -first answer  - I do agree with the argument sir. If the intense amount of heat and light were the pre-requisites of the formation of amino acids, now how is it formed in the nature without releasing any such huge heat and light.
      Second answer  -  Suppose if I agree that your argument is right in terms of the formation of amino acids, what about the resource pool that helped it to reproduce?

Atheist- I know you don’t agree with the argument. As I said, I am not a science scholar. A scientist may explain it without flaws. There is a key term behind it. That is energy. Recently, you might have read about the discovery of gravitational waves. A gravitational wave that is formed during the collision of two space objects before several million years was identified recently. Such a movement could have been the source of this energy.

I   - I don’t think that a movement can produce any energy. The chance is the conversion of mechanical energy into static energy, which in reality is very unlikely.

Atheist- Whether mechanical or static, you are agreeing the involvement of energy in the formation of life, don’t you?

I    - I don’t. Normally, the mankind accepts the involvement of God in the mystical formation of amino acids and the required conditions for it to reproduce. Those who do not want to agree with it will ask the same question in a different attire” which one existed first: egg or chicken?”

 Atheist- Jisha, I already told you about my lack of knowledge in this subject-  But, I would never accept the notion of the existence of an invisible God. If God was existed, we could have been able to see him or her with our naked eyes. In fact, God is a feeling of tensed human mind. This feeling consoles human being that there is a life after death where, I will never have any pain or tears. Of course, I must agree that many god fearing people controls themselves from committing big mistakes. You, being a god’s woman may name it as a sin. But for me, there is nothing in the name of sin. Let me be clear once again. I believe only in visible and tangible things. Not in invisible notions.

I      - I really don’t want to argue, yet would like to express my idea in this regard. For that, I would like to ask a few questions.

Question- Can you touch the wooden chair you sit?   Answer -Yes. I believe its existence.
Question – Are you sure, you can sit on this chair after 50 years    Answer- No
Inference- The wood keeps on dying. Its decaying.

Question- Are your parents alive?     Answer – No
When did they breathed their last?    Answer- It’s almost 10 years
Question- Do you remember them now? Answer- I do remember them though they are not tangible, but this is different……continues

Inference- emotions like memory, love etc though not tangible, do exist.

Conclusion about “reality”

The main argument I heard while speaking to a large variety of people was that ‘God is not real because he is invisible’. Now, let’s see what is meant by reality? The visible, tangible and the real chair decays and may vanish within the next few years. Invisible, intangible and spiritual feelings exist without any decay.  If you can touch something, it is less real than spiritual. Everything we touch and see…its not exactly as it will be…everything is decaying…. there’s less hope in real…



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The Ailing Kitten

After the first shock of being attacked, the kitten tried to stand straight on its four legs. The pursuit seemed impossible because of the heavy physical assault by the boys. The attempt was not even close to success since it’s front leg on the right side kept on bleeding and was not able to move. The kitten wanted to have a look at its bleeding leg but couldn’t as its eyes were covered with blood.  Unable to stand, it had nothing else to do other than lying on the ground, but the conflicting cat genes was not ready to submit. The kitten opened its tiny eyes and stared at the boys who were still in positions and were ready to attack. Boys are always boys who can’t even think of leaving their object of entertainment at any cost.

Although it was difficult to resist those multiple assaulters at once, the kitten refused to fail and snorted with rage. Its blood coated eyes widened in anger and it stood all of a sudden with a very fast drive. Though, the anger was big enough to get the kitten in its legs, the pain linked with the action was bigger. The meow sound that roused simultaneously with the movement that brought the kitten on its legs proved it. Yet, it was not in its four legs. The kitten was holding one of its front legs from touching the ground. Each piece of sand appeared like needles to that tiny ailing leg. As there was no object to hide or depend while rounded by a group of assaulters carrying stones in the midst of that sandy ground, the kitten had no way other than becoming an angry young kitten.

The blood coated kitten from head to toe when stood on its legs, the assaulting boys became conscious and was about to throw stones again. The presence of girls around increased the interest of the boys. Each painful sound came from the kitten increased anxiety among the watching crowd. Suddenly that sweet but sharp voice was heard, Stop it! The lone girl in the fourth form, who never used to speak to anyone stood like a savior in front of the crowd. The boys looked at her as if she came from another planet. Even the girls looked at her like an alien. ‘Don’t kill the kitten. It is also a life”. The teasing laughter that came in response was clear enough for the girl to understand that she will never be able to save the creature.

Yet, she was not ready to leave that life forever without giving a try to save it. She ran to the teacher’s room and informed about the injustice that happens on the playground. The teachers who were busy in having lunch while gossiping did not even were ready to hear her. Being helpless, she could find herself as a useless creature. Her sad heart compared her life with the life of an ailing kitten. To avoid seeing the final moments of the beautiful furry kitten, she went into her class. She could not control the flow of tears. Though, it seemed impossible, she prayed to God for the kitten. Losing all hope, she anticipated the mouth of the kitten. “It would have died by now”, she thought.

The two hour long afternoon session was like twenty hours to her. However, she could not maintain patience till four ‘o’clock to see what had happened to the kitten. Once, the first period was over, she let the class without informing the teacher and ran to the playground. The kitten who still had traits of life in its body was battling for life on the hot play ground. The girl, while extending its hand to help also appeared like an attacker to the kitten and it puffed meow. Hesitant to leave the kitten at the edge of death, the girl sought ways to take it home safely. Finally, she got a big leaf of Areca nut tree and made a soft pad with its leaf palm. She could manage to get the kitten laid in the palm and took it away from the ground, where the cruel attackers will be able to reach only after the school hours.

Though, she was not sure of saving the tiny life, she carted the kitten in the palm from the hot playground. Once out of the barbarous attack and flaming sunlight, the kitten slowly opened it’s eyes and looked at her. A slow and awful meow got blocked on it’s throat. The blocked meow suddenly reminded the girl that the kitten is badly in need of water. She looked into her water bottle which was empty. Leaving the kitten alone in the mid of the road to get water appeared to be more dangerous and she decided to make the kitten wait till the next public tap comes on the road. While dragging the palm cart, her heart kept praying for that precious life. Much before she moves ahead a lot, a miserable meow came from the kitten. The kitten seemed to take huge effort to make that voice.

As there was no way to get water immediately, she sat beside the palm and touched gently on its right leg. As there was no resistance from the kitten as before, she gave a smoothing touch of relief on its shivering body. On this, the kitten slowly opened its eyes and looked at her in agony. The intense feeling of pain and suffering seen in those eyes made her realize her obligation of saving that life and she lifted that leaf palm in her hands and started walking fast. On reaching the next public water tap, she got water in her water bottle and slowly poured it into kitten’s mouth. When it got water, the kitten seemed a bit fine and opened it’s eyes completely. The girl cleaned the blood coated wounds of the kitten. She saw that all the four legs and the head was wounded. She took the kitten home and solaced its wounds with medicine and let it sleep. None of her family other than her, believed that the kitten will survive. Later, that night while she was on the dining table her leg was kissed by a tiny furry creature who looked at her with all the love and passion in the world. 



I was dead

Being a girl, I was shocked,
When you blamed that I stole your childhood.
Being a daughter, I was dismayed;
When you blared that I slipped your honor.
Being a sis, I was disheartened;
When you darned that I took your future.
Being a friend, I was offended,
When you damned that I denied affection.
Being a woman, I was aggrieved;
When you faulted that I didn’t take care of you.
Being a mother, I was dead;
When you deuced that I didn't love you;


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License