Tears of Love

Walking through the garden of Gethsemane, I saw our Lord Jesus, getting down on his knees praying to his Father. There were tears of sorrow in his eyes. He knew that it was almost time for him to die. But he could not understand why, the Father had deserted him. As he continued to pray, I watched him as he was about to go away, after the kiss of betray. As I look at him, I could see a single tear of love, that was shed for the lost and for all.

I could see hour approaching, they came and took my Jesus away. As I watched as they disappeared. I knew that Jesus would show no fear. As I watched behind a tree. I knew that I would be set free.

There, in the courtyard, I saw the angry mob of all the followers. I could hear the cry of crucify! I looked up I saw tear filled eyes. The very single tear of love. I knew that was sent from above. His hour had come at last.

I watched as they lead Jesus away. I saw the heavy cross and thorns that were placed apron my savior. I saw each beating that he took. I knew the Father could not bear to look. I thought that I could see a single tear of love as the Father cried for thee. I watched as they led him towards a hill called Calvary. I watched as they nailed his feet and hands. As they raised him up, I could see the single tear of love that was shed.

As the hours go by, I heard him as he shouted! “It is finished!" as he looked up at the heaven sky. I just stood as watched as he breathe his very last. I saw the very last tear of love streaming down his cheek.


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You are outstanding with multitude of ideas

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