When I was lonely, my mind asked me to close my eyes
I closed the outer eyes and then alive the inward eyes.
While opening I have seen a lot of thoughts which gaze
Gaze at me with entangling doubts as if I am in a maze.

Mazes are always confusing and I asked myself savour
Why the life does not accompany all the wishes in favour?
Was a little messy to have the rejoinder for all my savour
So I asked the creator, who made us in versatile flavour.

My quaere was never quaking to the creator since he expected
Expected me to have an outrageous savour as such a suspected
So he unwind my susceptible thoughts and feelings as expected
Now I found myself relaxed with a mind that has been impressed.

The very sensation arose in my mind was about confusing
Every knot in every mind has been proved to be imbibing
I learnt a big lesson from the muddle I had in this morning
Only the one who created me and you can only be comforting.


I want to be with you

I love the moments I spend with you,
I love the thrill I feel when you are with me
I feel those moments as something special
I find myself as if in heaven when I am with you

I can say one thing with my best heart, that
I am the happiest person when you are with me.
I find you as a gift, given from heaven, when
While crying for solace among my pain

I believe, all my prayers are answered
The Almighty listened my tears, and
I have been given you as my Love and Life
I did, do and will do expect a lot from you

I find a vast happiness lying before me with you
I want to give life to all your dreams and desires in me
I want to say, you are my hope, and conclude it as
I love you my dear, I love you.


I am not a mother

I am not a mother
Is being a mother is everything in a woman’s life.
I am not sure whether it is? But people consider it like that
I never could understand the exact truth behind being a mother

I am not a mother
I don’t shed even a single drop of tear, when people laugh at me
I don’t feel bad when people stare at me on not being a mother
I consider myself as special in each and every thought of mine

I am not a mother.
I don’t find anything odd on the fact that I am not a mother
I realize the truth that woman also want to be a social animal like man
I understand the trouble women face when feel lonely, as a woman

I am not a mother
I can see the pain suffered by a woman when they give birth, yet
I really know that why a woman want to be a mother with that pain
I could make out the fact behind the acceptance of that pain

I am not a mother
I feel it every day, when I want to become a mother, that
I am in pain of loneliness, bigger than the pain I will have on giving birth
I expect my child to come and reduce the pain given by this erring world.

I am not a mother
I now realize the cause of all the great feeling of being a mother
I also identify the reason for pain which is there in my heart always
I understand that, it is not a pain, but my desire to be a mother

Yes, among all the pain I have, my real pain of not being a mother.
I want my child to come and remove my pain


My life is a tear

While arriving this world from my mother’s womb,
I was reluctant to cry because of my boldness.
People had to keep my head down to make me cry
As a crying child is a blessing to the world.

People believe that children are sent from heaven.
There they have every comfort they want because
They are with their creator, and the creator is enough
To give them the best and there is no tear or pain

When they enter this world, they loss his presence
The comfort and consolation given by him is not here
So, the moment they enter this world is painful
And they cry, when the world rejoice on their arrival

But I didn’t cry even in that moment, cause of boldness
I never wanted to show my tears to anyone, but now
After spending a long time in this world, my life is a tear
The world made to shed my boldness and call my life a tear

It is the story of each and every one in this world.
Everyone comes in this world with a lot of dreams.
But the reality denies to match with the expectation
It makes them to say as I say now that My life is a tear.


Everyone has dreams, some want to fulfill their dreams,
Some others are not even dare to think of fulfilling that.
People encourage to dream to have fortune till sky, only then
You will be able to make a fortune ranging till hills…

I don’t prefer a dream which makes me reach in heights
I prefer a vast dream and fortune, the reason is simple
Human beings do not dwell on mountains or sky
They live on earth, and that makes me fulfill my dream on earth.

Some consider earth as their mother, but I don’t listen them
I think of a person, who made this earth so wonderful
When I look at myself, I feel myself as a miracle
With all my abilities and features, I am a miracle par excellence

Everything in and around us is a miracle that re mind blowing
Then what will be he, who made all these, he or she?
I don’t know whether the creator is male or female?
I don’t know where he stays? Scriptures say that God is a man

But I don’t know who wrote all these scriptures
Is it the creator himself who penned it down, I am not sure
I know only one thing; there is someone who took pain
To create me and this entire universe so beautifully,

Mother loves her kids, because she took pain to give birth
If you had pain to do something, you will surely love the outcome
He took pain to create me so he loves me and that thought comforts me.
So I dream of a day, when I can meet him and that is my only DREAM.


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License