What is a belief? Is it not a burden
Is belief makes man bound to someone.
Relations are always bound by belief.
It compels to give up one's wishes

A wife believes the words of her man
Gets hurt when that belief doesn't keep
She losses her valuable time and joy
by waiting him to safeguard the belief

A kid believes his father on his promise
And get spoiled when he finds it in vain
Beliefs are and should be always blind
One forgets his or her self on belief

Losing their own self leads to failure
So belief becomes the cause of failure
So it is better not to believe anyone
Since you will fail with a blind belief

A successful life is not impossible
To have it, one should believe oneself
That is the only belief which can gain
Now I know the secret of success is this.



I am sad, I am sad, I am sad
As Antonio used to be sad.
Dont ask me the grounds, why
As I dont know what it is

Somewhere in my mind, I desire
I desire to explore the world
Desire to find the world as it is
I wish to visit the world wonders

It includes a long list as
The pyramids and their accumulation
The Himalayas and its heights
The steppes and their loneliness

The Aral sea and the dry sand
The Rockies and Andie's with it
The amazon river with its duration
The fascinating woods that grow there

The great lakes with all its elegance
The heavy rains there in Chirapunji
The Eschimos and their snow houses
The blue whales in their natural ground

My mind is not happy without it
Hope the exposure open my mind.
I really want to come up in life
without any pain that haunts me

I want to know only one thing
What is the reason for unhappiness.
I know only one thing, almost all are unhappy
Finally I found the reason, it is commitment


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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