Prayer of the Goddess

God, I am confused; I am confused on my own identity
People call me the goddess of justice; I don’t know why they do?
They want my presence and blessing wherever they desire justice
But they never let me involve in the process of justification

I’m not sure about the time when people began calling me the Goddess of justice
I don’t know when I came into being as the Goddess of justice
I don’t know why they want my presence wherever they need justice
But, I know one thing I am a blind and dumb fellow in justification process

I am not happy with you, as you are the one who created me with sound ears
You could have made me deaf as well, as I cannot see and state anything
I hear painful voices and barbarous noises while I approve justice
At times I wanted to shout, no…This is not right and justice; but, I can’t speak

Way back, I heard an argument against a man who had not committed any sin
The arbiter was silent as me, but I must give way to justice to the people
They wanted Barabbas, a brutal thief instead of him, the absolute savior
Since that day I am confused, confused of the meaning of justice

I never have heard such a very truthful and strong voice before that day
Later, I heard people saying that he had to suffer a lot before death
Two drops of tears made my blind eyes wet, for the last time
Now I don’t cry for anyone, I don’t have tears now to cry as I lost it

My ears are the cause for the loss of my tears; I don’t want to have ears
I can’t close them as my hands are occupied with a strange sword and a scale
I thank those who made me blind, is it you, the almighty?
If yes, I have a prayer, Please make me deaf too


My Unconditional Lover

An unconditional lover…. A person who loves without conditions…
Is someone really there on earth with unconditional love?
Can a mother become unconditionally loving? I don’t think she can,
A mother always expect her kid to grow up and empathize to her..
She induces her wishes and considerations to her kid in a very small age

Can a father be an unconditional lover, who loves without conditions?
Obviously not, as he expects his kid to grow up and take care of his family
He feeds his kid, a feeling of responsibility and condition along with food
He tries to explicate the terms of his future to his child with the education

Siblings!!! Do they do something for a person to be successful in life?
Yes, they do something very much special to form a very high attitude
While helping you, they also want you to help them in their need
So, their hands and love also become conditional, like everyone else

So, a person always wants another person to come into his life
To overcome the pressure of this conditionally loving world
Girl expects her partner to become an unconditional lover
But, Within a few years, she understands, he also is conditional

Not in friends? Where should I go to find that unconditional love…
I raised my eyes to heavens to find him, as I could not find anywhere
There, I saw him…he was passionately looking at me…
He told me… I love you unconditionally…. I can’t stay apart from you…

He told me again that I love you, I love you…I can’t keep you away…
So I stay inside you… inside your heart… I am love….The love unconditional…
I reside at your heart…..So your heart became unconditionally loving
Feel it and be what you are, and love others unconditionally as I do…


Hey Wind Thanks

The wind blows on my face, as if I feel it blows on my mind
It really touched my mind as if I feel like it touched my life
The persona of the wind is the same regardless of continents
Sirocco, monsoon, or Chinook, winds have similar character
They have alike effect on the lives of the respective locale
All of them used to blow on the faces of those local poets
I guess all other winds used to touch the minds of the locale
As if they touch the lives here; like the monsoon touched me
The monsoon touched my mind and transformed my life

I feel the presence of someone in the other end of the ocean
Who is enjoying the wind as I do here on this shore….
I want to tell her that, friend… I also am enjoying
Enjoying like you in this shore which is just opposite to you
With same feeling of passion and delectation
So, join me to thank the wind…..Let’s do it together
Hey wind, you made us realize the life around the globe
The human feelings and emotions are same across it
Hey wind, our friend, Thanks… Thanks a lot for it..


Where are you?

Tell me my dear Aunt, Where are you?
Are you there behind that pink curtain?
Are you busy with shopping green bangles?
Are you busy with cooking my favorite dish?

I explored in each and every corner of my mind
I explored…But I could not find you anywhere
I am afraid you keep hiding yourself from me
Are you? If yes, I beg you not to do ….

You know, how much do you mean to me?
You are my model, my guide and my mentor
You brought the first glimpse of love in my life
How can I forget you? How can I infer it?

Till now, I was happy and courageous…
I had a comforting feel in my inner soul…
It’s great to have a feeling of someone’s care
But now, I feel loneliness… I am alone ….

I am alone in this entire world…….
I am afraid whether this world is conspiring…
Conspiring to keep my loving aunt away
Hey world, I will not let you do that…

I will not let anyone to separate my aunt
She is mine.., She is my own… She is only mine
God has given her to me as a gift…
She is a gift given to me from heaven

Dear Aunt… Can you listen me?
If yes… please don’t let this erring world
Don’t let it to make me live without you
Come back… to be a part of my life forever

For the one who is really special

For the one who is really special, I really want to kneel down before you
I always tried to find fault in you; I tried to make you feel that you are guilty
I always tried to fancy that you are the ground behind every failure in my life
I always complained against you that you will never and cannot understand me

I did all these by forgetting that you are the only one who loved me very much
At times I forgot the fact that you are the only one who cared me when I needed it
I never tried to understand you and made all those silly complaints against you
I really forgot the fact that you are the one who is really special to me

Now, I am before you, kneeling down before you to ask your pardon,
I am not sure anyone in this world can forgive me for all those pains
Yet, I believe you will forgive me as you have done in all these years to me
And now I understand, you forgive me, you care me, and you love me and….

And that is the reason; I call you as someone who is really special to me
Yes, you are the one who is really special to me and I want to tell you
I want to tell you that I understand you, I love you and I am here to care you
I want to become the “ someone who is really special to you”…….


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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