Prayer of the Goddess

God, I am confused; I am confused on my own identity
People call me the goddess of justice; I don’t know why they do?
They want my presence and blessing wherever they desire justice
But they never let me involve in the process of justification

I’m not sure about the time when people began calling me the Goddess of justice
I don’t know when I came into being as the Goddess of justice
I don’t know why they want my presence wherever they need justice
But, I know one thing I am a blind and dumb fellow in justification process

I am not happy with you, as you are the one who created me with sound ears
You could have made me deaf as well, as I cannot see and state anything
I hear painful voices and barbarous noises while I approve justice
At times I wanted to shout, no…This is not right and justice; but, I can’t speak

Way back, I heard an argument against a man who had not committed any sin
The arbiter was silent as me, but I must give way to justice to the people
They wanted Barabbas, a brutal thief instead of him, the absolute savior
Since that day I am confused, confused of the meaning of justice

I never have heard such a very truthful and strong voice before that day
Later, I heard people saying that he had to suffer a lot before death
Two drops of tears made my blind eyes wet, for the last time
Now I don’t cry for anyone, I don’t have tears now to cry as I lost it

My ears are the cause for the loss of my tears; I don’t want to have ears
I can’t close them as my hands are occupied with a strange sword and a scale
I thank those who made me blind, is it you, the almighty?
If yes, I have a prayer, Please make me deaf too


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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