Surrender Yourself To Victory

How can a person surrender himself to victory? Let’s understand it with a small story from the book “The Christian’s secret of a happy life” written by Hanna Smith. The story states about a man who was descending into a dry well to find whether there is water in it. He tied a long rope on the post of the well and went down into that dark well through the rope. While going down, he suddenly realizes that he reached at the end of the rope. He elongated his legs by holding on the tip of the rope to find the bottom. Since it was dark, he was not even able to guess the depth. He became bewildered. He thought of leaving his hands from the rope, his mind denied that idea in the next second. Falling down into such a recondite well itself equates to death. So, he decided to return using the same rope. But it was not easy. He was so tired that he was not even able to move up a bit. Yet he tried to ascend through that rope, but his effort was in vain and he was hanging there at the end of that rope.

The man was not able to do anything except holding his hands tightly on the rope. He cried loudly for help. But his sound did not come into anyone’s notice as it is from that deep well. As time passes, he became more tired and the strength of his voice became thinned. His throat was dry and he wanted to drink some water. Yet, he strained to raise his voice and cried loudly by gathering all his strength. But there was no answer. He became weaker and finally he decided to leave his hands from the rope. He prayed “Oh Lord, receive my spirit”. He left his hands and was expecting himself to fall down in a very deep well, but it was a miracle. In less than half a meter, his legs touched soil, where he could find enough water to drink. He suffered all those mortal pain just above half a meter from the bottom of that well.

This small story bespeaks the truth that 'absolute surrender' leads to a successful life. The real spiritual soul is different from worldly law. When world says “Never surrender and surrendering is a failure”, the real spirituality urges us to surrender and that surrender leads us to “the real victory”. The world again says that “God helps those who help themselves”, but real spirituality does not want you to do that. It wants you to leave all the worries and be calm. God asks us to stay without worries since we have a father who takes care of Birds of the sky and Lilies of the fields. He will never leave us, his sons and daughters.

The divine way of success is ‘the complete surrender’ and ‘total submission’. When we submit the past, present and future of our life in God’s hands, we gain victory and freedom. When we are ready to look into God’s face by leaving everything including our efforts to help ourselves, success follows us. For that we need to remove the intimidation about our future and need to leave our hands from that postulating rope. Don’t worry, if you are leaving it with a deep faith in God, you will not fall into depth. God, the real rock will hold you and save you in a place very nearby. So, leave your hands and surrender. Let eternal success follow you, forever.


Want Your Wife Love You More? A Message To Husbands

Are you a married man? If yes, try to answer these questions. Do you know the favourite colour of your wife? Which is her favourite on your dress collection? What is the current status of her favourite hobby? When did she last cry? If your answer for these question takes you more than 1 minute, you are not a success in understanding your wife. Some people may think that "why? why should I know about her likes and dislikes? ". The answer is, when you realize her wishes , when you behave according to it, you will become her dream husband.  Remember, your life will be like an unclouded sky once you succeed in getting this done.  Read to know the wishes of your wife and watch the tremendous changes in your life.

Be open
Women want men to be open. Don't disappoint your  wife when she pour a number of questions while you return from office. She cares a lot for you and so feels better when you tell the story of the day. Most men try to ignore such questions saying that I am tired. There ends all the conversation. If you are not in a mood to tell the entire day events, don't tell it directly, better ask for a cup of tea and then serene yourself. Then say about some interesting experience at office or about a film, she will be happy. That means, her point is not to know and criticize your daily activity. She is concerned about you , so want to know, whether you are happy or not...accept her care to make a better situation.
'Being talkative' is a very normal character in common female persona. As she is talkative she wants you to open yourself and talk along with listening her. She finds happiness in sharing everything, even routine each other. Don't forget, she is not your enemy, she is the only one person in this world who wants you to touch heights. She is the only one person in this world who has no one else to replace you.  Once you open up and tell about you, she will have the feeling that you are loving her than you. Listening also will have the same kind of importance. Listen her with interest and share her feelings and sentiments.
The human development has two faces. One is culture and the other one is civilization. Culture includes love, faith, relationships, and importance for social values. Civilization is based on the development of technology. It includes computers, cars, games and mobiles. The basic feminine character promotes culture when masculine character promotes civilization. She prefers to hear talks about love, faith, human values and God and hates to listen long speeches about cars, computers and mobiles, so better avoid such talks especially when she is tired or bored. Never receive her with a news of cricket if she returns home from office. She may not object you when you say this, but don't accept it as a sign of acceptance. She is compromising in such situations for not letting things to go wrong.

Recognize her
The traditional concept pictures man as the resource for safety and currency. But, the present day woman have exceeded all the common limits and now they are sharing the shoulder heights of men not only in income but also in power. But sometimes, men fail to accept and recognize that change. It is obvious that men wants recognition and so women. Recognize her and congratulate her for all her special achievement. Usually women like to be praised when she does something differently. You might have noticed her asking you, "how was the food?". If your answer is even in words like good, nice or excellent will contribute the same feeling of 'bad'. Don't make her wait till she losses patience and ask about it. congratulate her on the spot and praise the taste of the food if it is really not bad. Even though it is bad, convey it in soft words. Most men found a special kind of happiness when they devalue or under estimate their partners before others. Trust me, if you have done it at least once to your wife, she will never believe you again. She will not be comfortable when you are in a group. She will expect an insulation from your side if both you are hosting guests at home. This expectation will appear as rebellion. Thus, it is you with your behavior made your wife to develop a negative attitude in her. Even though you don't want to praise her before other, never ever blame her or under-value her.

Understand her
Women believe in expressed love when men like to hide their love in heart. Have you noticed, your wife will plan to buy gifts for  your birth day or wedding anniversary, at least before a month when there are situations when you forget the dates. They expect this in return as well. A female loves to be touched as a sign of love. She takes sex in an emotional way. Her sexual orgasm depends in a highly emotional level when it is truly physical for men.  I do remember one quote I read somewhere very recently."Women give sex for love when men give love for sex" . Keep it in mind when you approach her for sex. Believe me, she will loss all her faith in you, if you are keeping her in another bed under the same roof. rather doing it, i suggest you to prepare for a divorce as it is not far, only if your wife can earn for herself and her kids.
I have a book suggestion for you to improve your relationship with your partner. The book is "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", written by Mr.John Gray. Suggest this book to your wife as well. If both of you can read it, it can become a tool for improving your relationship.


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