You are the strength in my weakness

I was happy when I was in the comfort of your lap.
I was comfortable when I slept in your generous hands
I was consoled when your touch was there to console me
I was in peace when you were there to take care of me

Oh my Love, I don’t know to tell you how much you really mean to me
I don’t know to convey my feeling when you held me close
My soul was breach on a daily basis by your intense love
Your voice made my heart swing on the stars.
Your eyes were truly the window to my soul

I am not happy as I am not in the comfort of your lap.
I am not comfortable as I am not sleeping in your generous hands
I am not consoled as your touch is not there to console me
I am not in peace as you are not there to take care of me

Here in this lonely room, I am alone without you
Thinking of a day when you will come back for me
Thinking of a day when you will bring all the best in this world.
Here I count this loneliness as a beginning of great reunion

My eyes brings the image of pain in my eyes which are wet
Hot tears that flow from my eyes like a stream bear your name
The painful heart and tearful eyes make remember that I am week
Because it was you, only you, were my strength in my weakness

The life I had with you was golden and no One can ever take away the love we had
My modality was always perfect with you as you made me feel loved every time
I am looking forward to be with you again, as you became a habit to me
I once again want my life and days to be something special as you make it special


Oh…It Was Me

In a sweet stargaze, I did see a butterfly, with colorful wings
Wings with a lot of colors as if it is a rainbow of dark glosses
Being a rainbow of colors, butterfly was really attractive
I sensed an magnet in all those eyes..I don’t know why

The small flower plant was really happy to meet the butterfly
Being an adorer, the flower plant was magnanimous to invite the fly
The fly could not resist visiting the flower and enjoying sweet honey
While the fly imbibing juice, I felt the taste on my lips ..I don’t know why

The butterfly was happy and I sensed a real happiness aroundme
The happy mind, tasting lips and attracted eyes made the fly dance
I found a movement on my legs, I am also dancing religiously
Now I know the grounds for taste on my lips and the feeling of happiness

Now I know the grounds for taste on my lips and the feeling of happiness
As it was me and my unknown wishes made the butterfly fly
This revelation was amazing and I continued dancing and enjoyed the flower
As never before I could see my face in the rainbow of that beautiful fly
Then I realized, it was me and I shouted, oh…it was me…..


El Roi- “The God Who Sees Me”

Hagar is a woman chosen by God to deliver Ismail for Abraham, the chosen one. Even though she has been chosen for a special cause and exceptional purpose, Hagar was not mature enough to maintain the quality of being a part of a great mission. It is that immaturity led the entire world to end up in a great continuing war.

Hagar an Egyptian slave, when got power of becoming the second wife of Abraham in confidence of her own master Sarai, she failed to use that power in a proper way and misbehaved to her own master. This made Sarai annoyed and she harassed Hagar with her huband’s permission.

Hagar could not bear the bad treatment and left her master’s house without permission. As the mother of an infant, she was not supposed to make such a deed. She was expected to stay back and suffer everything for her child. But she could not.

Hagar, after leaving her house was happy for a few minutes because she believed there is no one to see and control her in this desert and she can leave a life of her own wishes. But suddenly, she could find desert as a villain. It had nothing good in hold for her and her child.

Hagar was collapsed…she was disappointed…she found that she is alone and she would die in this desert along with her child. Yet, she did not return and considered it more feasible to die rather than returning to her master’s place. Her pride does not let her choose the good way.
Hagar when crying met an angel, who consoled her and provided for her. The angel asked Hagar to go back to her master’s life and to live a life of obedience. Hagar could find happiness in angel’s words and returned under Angel’s guidance. She did not know the name of the God, who visited her. So she called him El Roi-  “the God who sees me”

Now, we need to think of ourselves. Can’t we find a Hagar in us, a person of immaturity? Hagar was lucky she could find her Elroi- the God who sees her. Let God, help us also find our Elroi- the God who sees us, as only he can save us and guide us in a proper way. 


From the life of Budha

Here is an incident from Budha’s life.

As part of a travel to spread his doctrine, once Gauthama Budha reached sravasthi. A very rich man came  there to meet Budha. He told Budha,

“ Lord, forgive me as I cannot treat you well as I am sick. I am suffering with obesity. I am not able even to move my body according to my will. Smaller motions cause larger pain in my body. This obstructs all my daily activities and so I want you to forgive me as I am not able to treat you well.  ”
Budha’s heart sunk in favour of that rich but poor man. He looked at the fat guy and asked in a sweet voice,

“Dear, do you want to know the reason for your sickness?”,

“Yes my Lord”, the fat man replied in a trembling voice.
Budha kept silence for a few seconds and started telling in a calm voice. There are five reasons for your sickness.
1.Over food
2.Over sleep
4.Rude behavior
5.Lack of responsibility
The fat man looked like he accepted all Budha’s comments. Budha continued telling that you can get your health back if you can obey my instructions. To get rid of from your decease, at first you need to control your food, make use of your talents and finally make sure that your talents are being used for the well-being of the society.
The rich man accepted Budha’s words and followed them strictly. In less than six months he lost his weight and became healthy and enthusiastic. This made him happy and he visited Budha and told him,

“ Lord, I am healthy and happy. Now give light to my mind and soul”
Budha smiled at him and told, worldly man enriches his body where as spiritual man enriches his soul. The one who searches for worldly wealth destroys his soul and the one who searches God, gets long life and real joy.


Jisha Jagadeesh

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