Determined to be happy

‘Always be happy’, we might have heard this numerous times in the short span of our life. But is this possible? Let’s make an effort to answer this question with the story of Mrs.Johns. Mrs.John was a an old aged widow of ninety years. She had no children so was living alone. The old age had gifted her with blindness along with other ailments. As the lonely life became a difficulty, she decided to spend the rest of her life in an old aged home.

One of her distant relatives left her at the old age home. The volunteers were happy to receive her. As they have to make a final touch in her room, she was asked to wait for an hour in the parlor. She agreed to wait without any hesitation. Once the house keeping services were done, one of the young volunteers of the home helped her to reach her room.

On the way to her room, he was trying to make mrs.Johns comfortable with the new environment. He told her about her room is cleaned well. He was happy to explain about the crystal clean bathroom and hygienic atmosphere inside it. He also had told her about the blue flower printed sheet, pink colour curtain on the window, colorful flower vase and lake outside the window.

Hearing this, Mrs.Johns replied that good, everything is fine. I like it….I am happy…The boy was confused..The boy asked her how you can like it without seeing it. Her answer was heart opening. “To like it I don’t need to see it.Even though I reach there I wont be able to see that as I am blind. My likeness and happiness will not change even if the room and bathroom are not clean. It is not situation that controls my happiness and liking. I am determined to be happy and content “

The words of Mrs. Johns open the way of a new arena of a happy and content life. If we approach a situations with emotions, we won’t be able to happy and content, but it is always advisable to approach life and situations with Will. Will power can change even our situations. 


Who is worthy, me or my mother?

Mother was the first person of my life on earth
I, as a small kid looked at my mother for love
But….it was heart breaking to know the reality
She was ignorant….or pretended to be ignorant
Mother, am I not worthy to get your love?

My mother was busy…busy with her life
She spent all her free time to love my brother
Who was my mother’s   ‘’loving little one’’
Being a kid, I asked myself, am I not hers?
Mother, am I not worthy to get your love?

Known to be intelligent, I looked at my brother
He was a clear cut victim of over poured love
At least now, I expected her love but …..
She was fonder of neighbor’s son than me
Mother, was I not worthy to get your love?

Heart-broken I  looked her to find love
I could see only wrath there in her eyes
But I could see love in her eyes for both who?
My brother and neighbor’s son were lucky
Mother, am I not worthy to get your love?

Growing without her love and care was tedious
In her old age, she made me remember about…
About motherhood….She told me that she needs
Mother, how can you ask and so I ask you, 
Mother, are you worthy to get my love?

Mother, without giving, why are you expecting?
Why don’t you ask it to my brother to whom…
To whom you had given all your love and care
Mother how you could forget me in my need
Mother, are you worthy to get my love?

She demands for love and care in old age
Her loving little one is not able to love her
The neighbor’s son had disappeared
He needs to look after his mother
Mother, are you worthy to get my love?

How do we commit sin?

Common parlance agrees that committing a sin is not advisable. Is sin an unpredictable process? Or what is a sin?  Dictionary defines it as an act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will. Let’s have a look at a few aspects of sin. I would like to take a quick tour on the lives of a few great men to analyze those various aspects.

All of us believe in rules and regulations of social culture and we anticipate that the past tradition followed these cultural rules better than us. For example, harassing a woman is not accepted in the current world and we can’t even think of recognizing the act of stealing the apparels of women from their bathing place. In my opinion, we need to reduce the punishment for such deeds as we have a tradition of acclaiming a person who has done this as God….We really do hate people who chases women, but we have no right to do it as we are adoring a man who had cut the nose and ears. He did not even spare her breasts…so sad, right?

Why are we making fuss on increased rate of divorces…Why do we say that it is because we do follow western culture…No, it is from our own culture…Look at Rama and Sita. Rama could not even keep her as an ordinary subject of his kingdom…His revenge let pregnant Sita to have a worst life at forest, even though she had proved her chastity with fire test. From this incident, we have made up our mind for one thing that we will never consider a person whose bloodline is from outside to become the heir for family fortune. I think we must change that because we have a tradition of doing it. Even gods where supporting such people as we could see in the case of pandavas.  So strange, right?

We don’t need to worry only about our tradition. Formation of Anglican church is an example. When pope annulled one of the marriages of King Henry viii sowed seeds for it. From these incidents, we can conclude that there is not a proper definition for the term sin. If we would list such things, a number of similar incidents can be presented from across the world. All because of the lack of a clear definition of the term, sin. Of course Jews do have a list of Ten Commandments along with a number of definitions. The Old Testament says that if someone hurt you, hurt him instead, but Christ demands more. He wants a person to show his left cheek if someone slaps on his right cheek. Here we can see a clear cut difference in the definition of the term sin.

Human beings are subject to commit sins. No religious persona had explained the term sin, but Jesus urges his disciples to pray not to bring them to the temptation. So we can generalize that temptation is the gate of sin. How can we analyze it. Let’s take the case of Peter, the most trusted disciple of Jesus.  Peter did not agree with Jesus when he told that Peter will contrast Jesus 3 times.  John accompanied Jesus when he was being taken for prosecution, but Peter preferred to stay back. He was in company of some servants outside the place of prosecution. In that company, a situation aroused in which Peter had to contrast with Jesus. Thus temptation and further sin is not inevitable. We can avoid them if we can be in company of God. The story of Adam and Eve outlines this conclusion in a better way.



Realization, the best to be known as the dawn of renaissance
The saying seemed to be set when I looked at east and west
Even south and north had the same view about realization
The world required me to accept it as truth and fact…but…

Authors and poets were there to acclaim the great status
All were having a standard view about realization and
Whoever I met had only one thing to say about realization
The entire world was seemed to be supporting it….but…..

But….for me, it is not a dawn of renaissance…..for me….
For me….it is a way to sorrow….and curse…yes….
I do regard realization as a curse…..and it is…..
The world put all its effort to make me accept it……but….

I do regard, loss of memory as bliss….yes, it is a real bliss
I feel blessed when I don’t realize that I am being cheated
I sense joy when I don’t remember my past happiness and
I do love life when I think that I am a zero and will win…but…

I feel disappointed when I realize that I was not a zero
I fail to meet the expectations when I remember my past
I become frustrated when I think that it is me….me made me!!!
I want to end this realization which is a curse….but…….


End of the world 2- Birth of a villain

The girl opened her eyes…she was expecting herself to be in the new world where she end up alone after suffering a great set back in her life and career, where she could not converse with her relatives and friends. She expected the world to be different, where she does not need to face and answer anyone who will ask her about great failure. But it was not…..

She could realize the depth of her great set back and failure only when she knew that her new world is in the same place where she needs to meet everyone but communication is practically impossible. In her new world, she has to live a life where all around her could see only about her failure and insult, not her pain and sufferings. Nobody could saw her tears….

No one could see her pain. Her husband’s new partner, his ocean, was arrogant enough to tell her that he is not hers and leave him as he needs to make a good life and career. She was shocked again, she thought of the great life and grant career se had a few years back. She realized the reason behind his change of attitude. He is thinking about his own career and life, hers was in vein….

The girl found herself lonelier, lonely among the big crowd. She wanted to shout….shout to the world that someone please listen me….I also am a human being…but their world was so different that no one could even hear her….She reached the Himalaya valley where she could see all her friends and acquaintances on top enjoying their success. She remembered that all of them were behind her….and now….

She sat near the valley and closed her eyes to find what is next….With the tearful eyes she saw her husband. She told him that I love you, I miss you and I am yours….She asked in a heartfelt voice, how could you forget me…Cant you remember the moments we spent together…. Can’t you remember how deep was my set back because of you and have you forgotten the years I spent for you? But there was no answer…..He was enjoying his life…..He forgot her...his new life in ocean made him blind that he could not see her and the love and support he received from her.

The girl had no other option, she got up and wiped her tears…..she realized that it is tears and further soft feelings made her back to a life of tears…..She walked back to the temple where she buried all her hard characters and the knife to kill enemies. She remembered about all her enemies….Her husband face stood first…..but she was not able to kill him….so thought of sparing him….because she still loved him…..but she made up her mind not to spare anyone else….

With a sharp knife in hand, She looked back to her past to find her enemies…She did find that her first enemy is her own attitude, second enemy is her own character that loved everyone, third enemy is her soft heart and other feminine nature….she shed all her feminine characters and became very bold….now she could use her knife…..she used it on every men passed her….Her mind was so tough that killing someone has become a game for her….paining and hurting others became her hobby....and their formed a villain….

Now...she became a cruel person....she enjoyed sheding blood.....She liked drinnking blood.....she wanted to drink blood.....she told herself I am thirsty of blood....I want to drink blood.....She waited for human beings....she invested her time to find them and kill...she became jealous of successful people as she did not get it....so she killed every successful people and drank their blood....yes….she loved her to be called as a villain. She told herself that I am a Villain.


Thoughts that fly

Birds are free and can fly on top of our head. 
They are allowed to fly on top of our head
Yet, they cannot sit back on our head or stay
As they aren’t permitted to do so on our head
If got permission, they will spoil our head
So, they are being denied to stay on our head
But they are tolerated to fly on top of head
We take care to save our head from spoiling

But…what about thoughts, that flies on top
Thoughts…they are free and has no limits
Thoughts can fly anywhere on top of our head
Thoughts, they only must fly on top of our head
They must not sit back on our head or stay
If we permit the thoughts to do so on our head
They will spoil our persona, as birds do with head
So, they must be denied to stay on our head
We must take care to save our head from spoiling


Back to Vedas- A call to youngsters

India has a cultural heritage which is one of the most ancient, wide spread and varied with different strata of lineaments. The cultural heritage of India has its own geographic, linguistic, ethnic, religious and historic back ground. All these factors of the sacred Indian culture can be dated back even beyond 4000 years, into the pre historic Indus valley civilization. The ultimate form of spiritual foundation of Indian philosophy and culture has been laid out by the great Vedic civilization. Scholars have called this civilization as Vedic culture because of its supremacy in divine thoughts than tangible and earthly realities. Over the time, during the Islamic and British occupation, the practice of that great philosophy got ceased. Both these “visitors turned rulers” compelled the followers of these superior thought to convert into their religion. Even the democracy could not take sufficient measures to retract the lost majesty back to the Indian culture. Rather, the current system encourages the people to lead a life according to even inferior western culture.
As youngsters, we need to restore the vanished magnificent culture back to the society as a whole. We are committed to both people and Vedas, and our mission is “to bring people back to Vedas”. We dream of a day when all ‘Bharathasantati’ come together to form the ‘Bharathavarsha’ again with its entire ancient might irrespective of religion and language, where women are given respect and people are an asset of the society. The Vedic age depicts a life style of kinsfolk and we must reinstate that great environment of interrelation and interaction.
Whether it is Sruthi or Smriti, the Indian literature as a whole has been misread by the ‘so called Scholars’. The only quote people know and remember on Manusmrithi is “Na Stri Swatantryamarhadi”. The meaning of this quote has been misinterpreted as women do not deserve or given freedom but the people who are trying to promote these words as Manu’s view conveniently forgets his other quotes which say “When women are honoured, the gods are pleased but where they are not honoured, no sacred rite yields any reward”. We youngsters must aspire to restitute the right intention behind each and every srutis and smritis in their true sense.
The restoration of the ultimate truth
Vedas are the output of spiritual experiences of Rishis, who were in search of the ultimate truth. It is not an invention of truth, because it is not new, It is considered as a discovery, since it was believed to be there in the nature. Unlike in any other philosophies or religions, Vedas do not owe their authority in a single person since it is not written by a particular person, unless Vedas themselves constitute the authority as they are eternal and the real truth from God who created the nature. When all other religious books have a date of their origin, the Vedas are dateless and without a beginning. None knows about it, but western historians believe and are trying to establish its composition date as somewhere between 2500BC and 500 BC. We must go in a way to facilitate people to understand the authority Vedas put in their life since it is the revealed truth from God. The origin of the term “Veda” is from “Vid” which means “to know”. Thus Veda is knowledge and the mission of the new generation Indian youngsters must be to spread Knowledge among those who lost it in the course of long occupation of foreign philosophy.



Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and brilliant princess in a kingdom. She had a loving friend. The princess was very fond of her friend and used to spend most of her time with her lovely friend. One morning princess found her friend dead near a pond outside the castle. She could not bear the loss of her friend and so refused to eat and sleep. In a few days she became addicted to depression.
Happiness went away from the castle as both king and queen could not find happiness in this unfortunate situation of their only daughter. King was very much worried not only on the future of his daughter, but also on the future of the country as the princess was his only kid. King called several doctors and priests but no one could return a normal life to the princess.
One day, a saint from the mountains visited the king and promised him that he will cure the child. He prayed to mountain goddess and the goddess appeared. On the wish of the saint, the goddess approached the princess and promised to provide for her two wishes. The goddess reminded the princess that there is only two wishes availed and so be careful while asking them.
The princess agreed. The brilliant princess asked her first wish. It was to get her loving friend back. She got her friend back and became happy. Her second wish was to get two more wishes. The goddess was confused, but the princess reminded her that a goddess must keep her word. The goddess was compelled to agree.  Now the princess asked a handsome prince for her as the first wish and two more wishes as the second wish.
The goddess was again confused and was asking whether it will end somewhere. The princess said nmot now….This time she asked for the well being of all her subjects and ‘two more wishes’. The goddess wanted to go, but she was not able to as the princess continues to ask her second wish as   ‘two more wishes’. Like that the princess became very rich and happier and she and her newly wedded husband ruled the country with both her parents and her loving friend alongside.
Actually princess got only a single opportunity….her brilliance diversified it as an everlasting opportunity. If we also can envision and diversify the smaller openings into a larger perspective, we also can have a better life as the princess.


He And She Together They

At first when she met him he was only a good man to her….He told her that he is reluctant to commit bad things because he finds it contemptuous when he looks on his image in the mirror. She was impressed…She never thought of such a man in her life…She thought of giving herself to him….She thought that he will never be able to hurt her as if it will make him feel scornful when he looks into his mirror image very next day…

In their first meeting, he kept a bit dramatic feel…She could find something hidden from his side…He seemed to be a bit reserved….But he was very loving and caring….He looked at her with a loving heart and caring eyes….His deep black eyes fascinated her….She was really fond of him and missed him when he left her at her nest.

When they traveled together for the first time, he was there to hold his hands for her…She didn’t even notice anything around her as she was feeling a strong security….There was nothing to disturb her even she was in public inside the deep forest as his strong hands were there to take caution of her….He always made a point to take care of her during the entire journey…He was keen not to sleep till he leave her in her place…..

The strong feeling of security, which was lacking like a big drench in her entire past was filled in a single moment when she really did find his presence in her life….That feeling of security was enough for her to find him as her everything in life….She decided to get him as her life partner forever…..The entire world was against it….But she was firm to get him as her everything….and she got him….

After the unity…when she and he became ‘we’….the world find her safe and secure in his hands…The world was jealous…now it is not able to touch her with its bad intentions as he and his strong will is there to take care of her…….This made the world to manipulate against them….and the world manipulated….but their love was strong…..world tried to make them separate…..But love won….

Today after eventful years…She still finds that security in his hands…..This morning he is not here with her to give her that strength of security….He has gone to the next forest to get her better food and amenities….To build a castle to keep her like a princess……They are not together now……They live in two places……she is alone now……..but something invisible holds them together.

He has given her strength to keep her bold enough to live for him even in his absence….  This made to tell herself that she is not alone…..She told herself once again that I am not alone…..He is there with me….to take care of me….to love me…..She remembered all those moments of love and care…..She told him that I will not cry….But hot tears are irresistible… tears they don’t know how good they are in his absence….. 


Jisha Jagadeesh

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