Achieve success in life

We live in a world where we are being taught that dreams are the great driving forces that take our life ahead. In fact, this is a great reality to an extent but we need to be realistic when we dream as the proposers of dream theory do not impart any restriction to dream. This can lead us to fantasy dreams, for example all of us know that we cannot fly like birds even though we do dream it intensely. Thus, we need to drive our driving force in the right direction to gain success in life. Here are a few suggestions to achieve success in life.

As mentioned above we need to realize our dreams in all the sectors of our life. Make sure that your dreams are diversified in all the sectors such as career, beauty, relationships, family’s future etc. Once you are finalized with your dreams, try to identify the causes that pull you from materializing your dreams. If you can identify it in a better way, the chances of you reaching your dream destination are more. The next step to success is fixing deadlines for the realization of your dreams. While dreaming you can have short term goals, midterm goals and long term goals according to the extent of deadlines. While fixing deadlines, be aggressive and reasonable.  Always make up your mind with a positive attitude and whisper yourself that you can achieve success in realizing your dream. Famous novelist Paulo Coelho made it clear in his most famous novel Alchemist by writing “……When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” You can depend on various energy sources to maintain that positive attitude in you. The energy source could be your God, a good friend, your parents or even your God father. Such an energy source can work as a support source in problems.

Being positive is a basic requirement to achieve success in life and maintaining positive thoughts is a great caliber. You don’t need to worry if you feel that you are lacking that quality as it can be developed with practice. Always find only positive sides from others and ignore the negative sides of people around you. Never say or think negative about negative words or images. Always maintain a considerable distance with people who spread negative energy. Remember, the presence of positive people around you brings considerable positivity in you. Try to find the God’s will in your pain rather than blaming God and think twice before you deliver a negative comment about someone. If the situation demands your comment, make it in a softer way. Don’t forget that negative comments are potential weapons to destroy someone’s life. Be tolerant as the reactions on intolerance raise the adrenaline level in human body which is not good for heath. Always try to be calm and never get addicted to pressure. When you are in tension close your eyes and remember the face of your life partner or the person you love most.
Motivate people with positive strokes as appreciation is a good tool for relationship building. It adds a lot of value to both the speaker and listener.  It increases the chemical level of herritonin and oxitoxin in human brain so never leave an opportunity to appreciate others. Start your day with a good morning wish to God and sleep with a good night God. Think of a day where you start your day with smile to God and continuing it with a smile at office and you go to bed at night with the same smile on your lips. 


Who is he, whom I miss a lot?

Oh God, I am helpless…helpless in a way that

I found myself sitting lonely on the river bank
The currents were seemed to be concerned
Concerned currents queried about my pain
I told in docile voice that I miss him a lot

Oh God, I am helpless…helpless in a way that

I found myself walking across the paddy fields
On the way, I met the wind who was worried
I could see a deep pause in wind’s passing sound
I consoled wind by telling that I miss him a lot

Oh God, I am helpless…helpless in a way that

I didn’t find it worthy to go out and enjoy nature
I preferred to stay inside the four walls of my home
I myself was confused, what made me sit inside like this
My answer to me was so clear that miss him a lot

Oh God, I am helpless…helpless in a way that

I found myself facing a lot of questions from others
From the water currents, wind and my own soul
The question was same…who is he whom I miss….
My answer is clear…it is him….My love and life


I am proud of you

I am here to let that I am proud of you
Nothing in the world can beat you
I feel words find it hard to praise you
They are on their limits to reach you
You are a man of stronger volition
People envy me because of you
You went through every adversity
Yet, you could stand out of all of it
I am happy that you are mine
I really am proud of your endeavor
I am proud you could make out but…
Aabove all I am very much proud of..
Proud of ... for being you, you, my man
I can’t proceed without saying that
You mad me proud and as you are
You are a cause of my pride and now…
Now I want to tell you that I love you
I want to tell you that how much I love you



Behind the bars, beneath the tree, I saw a standing ovation
An ovation that made me proud, that could prove me myself
Now I know, I am not a zero, I am not bad and I deserve life
Now, I am sure, life has kept something great in hold for me,  

Still, someone inside me asked who am I? and why am I?
A definition is given to each and every entity in this world
There must be one for me as well….I am in search and search
My search ends in the answer who am I? and why am I?

Oh...wind, oh…..earth, oh plants….oh….ocean…listen me
I am confused whether you can listen me? I need know
I need know whether you realize my pain…..yet, I feel…
I feel like asking you the reason behind my being on earth

Wind was kind enough to give a cool hug to my hot heart
Earth with green plants was generous to smile at me in grace
Ocean was deeper enough to understand my notions
Their heartfelt prayer opened new way that made me everything

Now I know, I am not confused about the bars in front of me
Now, I know the reason for the cool touch given by the tree
Hey, tree I am not afraid, I will never be afraid because I know…
I know that you will be beside to comfort even behind bars


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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