What makes you run so fast?

Oh dear squirrel, what makes you run so fast?
Is your mom there  behind you to make you eat?
Is there a maths teacher run after you to teach?
If not, what is that makes you run so fast?

Oh dear squirrel, why are you rushing like this?
Have you stolen an edible nut from your brother?
Or are you rushing to meet your new girl friend?
If not, what is that makes you run so fast?

Oh dear Squirrel, why are you in a hurry always?
Is your wife in ail as she gives birth to your baby?
Does your daughter look for you to get her protection?
If not, what is that makes you run so fast?

Oh dear Squirrel, why do you not answer my question?
I would like to let you know that my heart prays for you
That God please help the squirrel, who is in a hurry
I pray to help it in the reason that makes it run fast


Now I look like an Emperor

Looking at the bright moon was a comfort to my painful heart
The light from the bright moon encouraged my thoughts to shine
Among the twinkling stars, the moon appeared as if it is an emperor
I told my heart to shine like a moon to become an emperor among stars

Sans confidence my heart appeared as if it is not able to reflect light
It condoned with the small sins and pains which seemed like black spots
I looked at the moon, where black spots are more evident than my heart
Knowledge revealed that those black spots are the signs of survival effort

My conscience again returned to earth to see the black spots of my heart
I recognized each of them have a memory of pain and so sign of anguish
I felt that without those black spots, moon cannot be a symbol of beauty
Sans those signs of pain my heart also cannot brighten as the moon.

This resemblance brought a great deal of confidence into my heart
I was consoled by this great thought of calmness without any effort
In calmness, I was surprised to see the presence of greatness at heart
Now I realize that I am also brightening like the moon, the emperor


The castle of my dreams

Being a writer was never a part of even my distant dream as a child. Since childhood my perception about future life gained several forms which were really unknown to me. The initial dream about my future was to become a teacher as I did want to beat the kids of my teachers who used to beat me without reasons. I secretly enjoyed the satisfaction in my dream of beating and harassing the kid of my 3rd standard class teacher. The rebel in me laughed like a naxellite when I could imagine the helpless face of my teacher as I beat her kid. I am not sure of the day when I forgave her along with all other teachers. Might be after I joined a convent school where most of the teachers were nuns who do not have kids.
This situation must have made me sympathize to myself and I lost that desire of revenge. It was not possible for me to live a life devoid of dreams and my next dream took me to air and I started a new dream of becoming a soldier- a pilot. I read about fighter pilots who have given life for the sake of the nation. I cherished that goal and dreamt of serving the nation as a soldier. I pictured myself in the white uniform of a fighter pilot and started studying about the reality of Air force which revealed just another world where I thought of other options to serve the nations. This just another thought was enough and I made up my mind to have a complete transformation of intentions and I started dreaming of becoming a civil servant.

Whoever heard about my new dream laughed at me and they spent a lot of time to drive my mindset to withdraw me from my dream. These much of negative reactions made me strong and I have decided to swim against the current and I made to pass the preliminary and mains examinations of Indian civil services examinations. As I was becoming closer to my intention and dream goal, something was pulling me behind apart from my friends, relatives, acquaintances and parents and I could realize that it is none other than my own latest dream. When everything was positive and I started being right in the track, I felt something really odd as I never had a life that goes well with the current. I told myself that I am not borne to swim along with the current and I want to swim against the current. One fine day, I made an about turn and started swimming across the current. While swimming     I closed my eyes where I had the loveliest of dreams- my current dream.

In my new dream I was laying in a raft which was floating on a lake in a greenish natural strip of land. On one side of the lake I saw a deep forest and I could experience nice breeze from the other side of the lake. Along with the musical voice of birds, I could hear a stiff and lovely voice of a river stream which made me happy and passionate. My closed eyes were enjoying the imaginary sights of daffodils as shown by William Wordsworth and frozen lake beside the dark and deep woods as shown by Robert Frost. I opened my eyes where I could see myself laying in a raft on a similar lake. The woods on one side of the lake were dark and deep whereas the breeze from the other side of the lake was from a nearby mountain and it carried the fabulous smell of daffodil flowers. I drove my raft to the shore of the lake which was a juncture of plain land, mountain and the lake. I saw my house there which was built a half in water and the rest on land.

On reaching my home, the castle of my dreams, I could see a few people waiting for me, the well known and most readable living writer of the century. I look at the mirror and I could see that I am still young. I have had this dream several times in my life and each time the dream gained more clarity which added a lot of values to my effort to become a successful writer. I don’t know why I feel like this could be similar to almost all aspiring writers like me. 


The reason for unhappiness

When I was in trouble, when I was in pain
I could see the entire universe crying for me
I went outside to see the world’s reflex ion
The plants refused to swing with the wind
Wind was dull as if does not want to flow
The animals refused to hunt for prey and eat
Grasses were having a feeling of sorrow
The mist looked like a tear drop on flowers
Flowers denied relishing presence of the sun
Small birds stopped singing and dancing
The vibrant currents of the river were slow
The ocean was calm with no tides in it
The black spot in the moon appeared darker
Stars were hidden under the passing clouds 
The entire earth looked as if it is not happy
I wanted to know the reason behind this mood
Searching for the cause of this sadness
I reached to have a look at myself and my face
I looked at the mirror to see how I look
I could see a painful sad face of mine
Which made the entire world unhappy
I wanted to cry and finally made it to relax
Then I heard the voice of a nice music of rains


Role of media in the development of a Society

The current world equates the term media to the mass communication industry including newspaper, television, radio, journalists and other related professionals. In effect media is a tool people can use to provide a forum or platform for the subjects of public debate. Thus, media can play a great role in selecting this subject of public debate. So, we can say that Media retains power to guide and misguide the collective mindset of the society. The question thus arises is, whether the media guide us positively or negatively? Is the media biased and is it possible for a biased media to guide a society in a positive manner?

A few months back, I have read an article written by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the ex-President of India, in which he had written his experience about his visit to Israel. The entire front page of Israel’s local news paper pictured a farmer who made some notable achievements in agriculture. The news was written in a way that everyone who reads it get motivated by the experience of this farmer.  I could not believe this as Israel is a land of sensational news. Every day the country faces at least one bomb blast and war movements.  Doctor Kalam continued writing that all such news of violence and crime are being given in very small columns in the inner pages. 

Think of India, here media is more prompt to sell the sensations than the reality. We read the news about scams, wars, corruptions and crimes in the front page of each and every news paper. Television channels are even ready to go to the bed rooms of sensational people. The real motivating stories are sometimes finding it difficult to get at least a small column in the news paper.  What is wrong here? Why the media guides the society to go after such irrelevant things when we have tons of development criteria are there to focus.

Suppose if agriculture is the life sustaining activity of a region, will they let their seeds to loss its quality? I know that your answer is a big no. The region will invest its one hundred percentages to maintain the quality of its seeds and further harvest. Only a good seed can yield the best harvest. Now let’s consider our nation. When we compare the frequency of population with landmass, our country holds the position of the most populated land on earth leaving behind China and also it is the largest democracy in the world. Thus human resources are our asset. How can we let to lose the quality of our asset?

Don’t you think that the biased media, who think that our people do like only this kind of news, misguide us? Even the film makers are biased and mistakenly made a mindset that the society does not have a quality to understand standard movies and produce only Masala movies. Do any of these media add any value to the growth of our nation? Are they not making us debate on gossips and silly things when there are a lot of real issues? Now, I would like to make a humble request to Media personnel’s. Dear friends, we are not against you, we understand the value of service you are providing. But, we want you to understand our quality, we are not silly illiterates, we are a society of esteem and so please provide us something worth to be debate, in other words- the reality!!

We must realize that the media has a very constructive role to play in the development of any society. Instead of celebrating politricks, scams, crimes against women and other destructive concerns, our media must put forward a constructive debate. It must act as a unifying agent. A common opinion is the key for the development of the nation. Let's come together and make this campaign a great success. I am sure we can do it....The revelations in Egypt and other nations are an example for this. Here we are in democracy....but actually lives in a virtual anarchy. Thus media must demonstrate its active role to bring the country back from the virtual anarchy.


Am I a Beggar?

“Madam…..I am in trouble…I have no food and shelter …..Will you please be kind enough to provide me food as I didn’t have anything for last three days….”The painful voice brought me back from deep thoughts to utter confusion as I was not sure about the identity of those thoughts….My thoughts were seemed to be fluttering and dancing in the air….This painful voice joined that dancing group and laughed at me as if they are much better than my own prayer.

In that muddiness, I found my hands moving involuntarily inside the bag and searched for a coin….I made sure that the coin is of the least value before giving it to the beggar. I looked at him with a clear expression of indisposition as I was getting late for the shopping. I parked my car in the parking lot and went inside the shopping mall. I was shopping for my seven year old daughter who wanted me to get the dancing doll. Even though, she was thankful to me for all the dolls I gave, she was not ready to compromise with whatever options I had given her. She always reminded me of not getting the dancing doll. Yesterday evening her sweet voice had turned into a tone of warning and instructed me that “Mom, today you must get me the dancing doll” and so, I was hurrying myself to find the dancing doll.

I finally could find the best dancing doll available in the city and made the shop keeper to pack it well and pasted a loving card on the packet. While returning to the car, I saw the same beggar sitting in front of the parking area begging to people. As habituated he repeated the same words to me once again, but stopped it when he could realize that I have already given my share of coins to him. The beggar’s face looked as if he does not know the meaning of the term dignity. As I was really rushing to see the happy face of my daughter, I didn’t even think of taking a second look to the beggar and I drove home.

My daughter was waiting for me at the door, she came running towards me and asked for the doll. I was thrilled to give her the doll as I could see the unlimited amount of happiness and thanks in her eyes. She ran to neighbors’   place and showed her new doll to her friend, my neighbors’ daughter. I was happy to see an immense measure of dignity in her eyes….She is now the proud owner of the dancing doll…..after showing her new doll to the neighbor she again joined me and was holding my hands as if I am her everything. I could see the depth of dependence she has in me.

After completing all the routine work, I fed my daughter and made her sleep. I made sure that she is safe and comfortable before moving to the bed. On the bed I closed my eyes and prayed to God, “God,  …..I am in trouble…Will you please be kind enough to provide me food, shelter, clothes, happiness and a happy and luxurious life  as I cannot earn it for myself….”  After the prayer, I closed my eyes and craved to have a sound sleep, but could not as something was disturbing me…Later in the midnight, I have seen God standing before me with all his mighty powers. His hands were searching in his pocket to find the coin of the least value….I wanted to see my face in a mirror….I could see my face and it seemed like “I don’t know the meaning of the term dignity”. I wanted to ask God, why? why is he searching for the coin of least value…but I could not…..as I found myself shameful while God was rushing as he must get the best gift to someone else….I was shocked to see that……

When I opened my eyes I could see that it was a dream……But that dream was like an eye opener…..I looked at my daughter who was sleeping beside me…..looking at her face, I could understand the reason why God was busy….I then closed my eyes and told him…..Lord, I am sorry…..sorry for everything….sorry for the moments I pained you…..My heart was full of thanks …..I could see a feeling of thanks in my own eyes as I always have seen in my daughter’s eyes….I then told God, “Lord, I love you….” I am your child….I want to be with you….I want to hold your hands forever as my daughter does with me….Then I got blessed with a sound sleep….A sleep without any disturbance, which I lost many years back……..My sound sleep was like a statement that states "I am not a beggar"


I am not able to remember when you smiled last

Dad, you became very old in a short time….
Not able to remember, when I met you last time
Dad, you made me realize the pain of love today
Not able to remember when you smiled at me the last

Dad, I don’t know to explain the depth of hurt I gave
Not able to remember the moment you enjoyed life
Dad, you marked pain on my heart when I saw you today
Not able to remember an event when I look at your eyes

Dad, it was really hurting to see you bed-ridden like this
Not able to remember your anxiety I shared last time
Dad, you gave your life and youth for my well being
Not able to remember even a day you slept without pain

Dad, I admire the man who spent life and youth for his father
Not able to remember a single day where you lived for 'you'
Dad, My heart desires to share my health and youth with you
Not able to remember when I made you smile for the last time

Dad, today I want to say something without constraints at heart
Not able to conceal it any more as I know the pain of guilt
Dad, today I did realize that I can’t hide my love to you
Not able to remember when I told ‘I love you Dad’

Dad, today a great realization of love touched my heart
Not able to remember a moment I said, “I made a mistake”
Dad, today I make out that how important are you for me
Not able to remember the time I said, “I am sorry Dad…”


Will my balance life be a balanced life?

‘The alchemist’ that reads "When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” is the most popular book in the last century. This book helped the author to become the most translated author of the century. From this, we can assess the significance the current world gives, to its dreams. Yes, dreams, goals, destinations and targets are the most repeated words in today’s world. I became an ardent reader of this book and a big fan of its author from the very first time I read this book. I cannot count the number of times I completed reading this book. Each time I went through it, I had a new insight which made me read it again. The Alchemist always gave me a feeling of motivation. But today, after several readings, when I was again searching for a new insight from the same book, I had a new and different insight, which was really shocking. My insight was just opposite to the demonstrated idea of the book…. The book’s title describes it as a fable about 'following dreams'. But, can U believe, today the book made my mind not to follow my dreams…instead you need to analyze your dreams....as it could be guiding or misguiding.

Whoever read this book at least once in their life time may be confused…you may be questioning me by asking how? And what made me say this? My answer is clear…To explain my answer; I would like to draw your attention to this fable. Santiago was a happy and content man as a shepherd. He was acquiring knowledge both from books as well as nature by being a shepherd. He could make people listen him even after being a shepherd. Even his life at the seminary could not get him such a grant life. He became happy when he could be content. His content life made him confident and smart enough to understand the black coins and he always emerged as a winner and could even communicate well with animals.

The introduction of King of Salem was really dramatic in Santiago’s life. The king charged a very high price for an unproven statement and two stones Urim and Thummim. Both the stones could answer only objective questions…don’t U feel It as a head and tail play? I do…By trusting an unknown person, Santiago sells his flock…One and only advantage Santiago had by selling his sheep was the ship ticket to Africa…the rest of his money has been stolen by an African…If King of Salem was Omni potent, he could have instructed Santiago about the possible theft in Africa…As he has not done it…we need to be suspect about the ability of the King….The man never became a help to Santiago after that….Here Santiago lost all his money by listening to a stranger…That stranger could be the brain of the theft…we don’t know the fact?

 You may find my argument a bit odd as you have never even heard even a single word against this book…but we need to have an open heart to reality…Imagine if Santiago could earn more money and travel experience as a shepherd, he would not have sold his flock…he could have invested his savings to some other place and set for a travel….then he would never have such a big tension and helplessness in life. The King compelled Santiago to take a haste decision which again directs all doubts of the king being the possible theft planner. As per my opinion, one needs to think at least once if not two before taking a very important decision. One should know his potential before taking any future step.

Here, Santiago was in haste and so he had to suffer a very bad time in Africa. To get that experience to reach in the pyramids, he had to get a training in the glass shop…that gave him a bit of experience…but Santiago with a proper planning could get a more comfortable travel towards Egypt. The English man was a planned traveler…He could travel till the oasis as Santiago…The story misguides the reader by saying that the man who plans and educates himself like the British man will never emerge as the winner and the man who was very haste in taking his decision and who even lost his chance to educate himself in a land of a very different language was being pictured as the winner. I don’t know how can we believe in such things? These tribal wars and man becoming a wind etc are quite dramatic…just to insert drama in the story…The truth is that Santiago has suffered a lot….He wasted a lot of time and money to reach the pyramids and not to his treasure. He could have made a more comfortable travel if it was planned.

All of us know that, the composition of Gold atom cannot be attained in any other way…It is true that Africa is a big source of Gold…but Alchemy is not a science at all and we cannot transform any other metals to Gold. If he was a real intellect, the Alchemist must be knowing this truth…and thus he helped Santiago to the pyramids to get his treasure…if the alchemist could make Gold, he could have given that idea to Santiago, his newly found disciple…but no….instead he helped Santiago to reach the pyramids....In other words, he was not sure about the truth and he risked Santiago's life. Even after knowing the truth, this old and cunning man misguided the research work of the British man. So...the well prepared and well planned man again made a fool....

By following his dream, Santiago reached the pyramids…Against his expectation, he was being penalized there and he got nothing even after travelling a lot…and I am sure as his travel was disturbed by the thought of his dream, he could not have enjoyed his travel. The only thing he got was Fatima….the girl of the desert….This long and tedious travel could only make Santiago to marry a tribal girl, who will suffer the rest of her life in another continent where she has to compromise with different life style and culture….Santiago’s treasure was really hidden in the ruined church of his own land…That is another shocking news….If staying back at home…with repeated visits to the church with his flock, one day Santiago could have found his treasure without unnecessary tension and sufferings…If not also, he would have blessed with his dream girl, the daughter of the merchant. So, Can we say that Santiago's life was a balanced one….Don’t you think that this book is another tool to mislead our life and future. …ask ourselves… Will my balance life is a balanced life? Let not anything to misdirect us….


Jisha Jagadeesh

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