I had a frightening dream last night

I had a scary dream last night. It was a nightmare in which I have seen my right hand is getting separated from my body. I went to consult a lady doctor who was happened to be a nun. When she touched my hand, it got completely separated from the body and there was no blood. I was confused and wanted to go to a hospital where the doctor could do a surgery and bring my hand together with my body. As there was no pain, I was not unhealthy, but I was worried, worried like hell. I could not even imagine about a life without my right hand. I looked at the nun with tears. She was calm and she put the hand back to my body again, which could stick to its place as if there is no drift, but whenever I take some weight or work hard situation, it will again detach from my body. The nun asked me to be careful with the hand. In the next part of the dream, I was dancing in a stage. It was a group dance and nobody expected me to dance well with a damaged hand. But I managed to dance well. All were congratulating me for my talent and courage. I got the prize, but all were looking at me with sympathetic eyes which I did not like.  

Suddenly my phone rang and I woke up to see that my hand is alright and well fixed in my body. I thanked God for the great blessing he gave as my hands. I could not understand why I had such a dream. I browsed on the net to find the reason for such nightmares. Almost all the psychologists suggested that stress and anxiety are the main reasons for nightmares. Based on the knowledge received from different authoritative websites, I started analyzing my situation. I slept alone in the first floor of a road side building, the insecurity feeling in my heart might make my unconscious mind to appear as a dream. I have a lot of mental tension on the reason that I don’t have a kid. Might be this could arise my mind to have such a weird dream.  The best friend in my life left me a few days back saying that she made a mistake by selecting me as her friend without thinking intelligently. Might be her loss affected my thoughts. I am a person who always does have a disturbed sleep. I often speak in the midst of sleep, a minimal symptom of somnambulism. It also must have the reason for this scary dream. Most of all, I was having health problems, because of which I could not eat and sleep well for two days.

Any of these might have contributed to my dream.  Whatever is it, nightmares are tools and messengers to make us realize that we are in stress and strain and it is time for us to relax. If you are not able to relax even though you have repeated nightmares, you can meet a psychiatric anytime soon is the final conclusion. Have a look at the words of Tianna Galgano, author of the book “Decipher your dreams, decipher your life”- “In adults, nightmares can be caused by fears about the stressful situations in one's life. Job or money worries, a serious illness, deep insecurity, the potential loss of one's home--any of these can cause bad dreams or nightmares. The problem with comprehending that your dream is addressing a waking-day fear, is that the nighttime 'review' version is fraught with terrifying 'substitution' symbolism. If you are fearful of snakes, and dream about a snake biting you, the dream is NOT warning you that a snake may attack you in your real life. The 'dream-substitution' phenomenon has come into play. Most of you will not make the connection between the scary snakes attacking you in the night--with the worrisome physical illness you suffer during the day. You may not realize that the dream monster chasing you--actually represents your fears about being out of work and not having enough money to pay your bills.” (http://ezinearticles.com/?Nightmares-Are-Messengers---How-to-Release-Nightmare-Fears-With-EFT-Meridian-Tapping&id=5986211). If you can understand the meaning of nightmares and scary dreams like this, you can have a good life. Reduce tension and stress, live a relaxed life.


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