I am stronger than I think

On a rainy day, I felt me as incapable to live a life
The deep rain was not tolerable to allow the light in life
The mysterious dark rain reminded  me of the depth of life
Looking at me, I could see a layer of vacuum

Being cognizant, I found it meaningless to live an empty life.
As my thoughts were exploring the unworthiness of life
An abrupt cease of the rain broke the darkness from life
Replacing the darkness, the light smiled at my life

The emergent light on earth was capable to change life
There was a whisper from someone not known to me
The whisper was clear and apparent and that said,
“You are stronger than you think and nothing is impossible”


Life Cycle

Awaiting the sun is really a tedious process…It exceeds all the limits of my patience.
With the arrival of sun, I will cross the limits of this layer, freedom is a fundamental right
Nobody can compel me to stay under layer of water, when a lot other drops crossed it to enjoy
It was adventurous to reach on top of the sea by swimming against the current of tides
I made it to attain exemption from this sea level and enjoy the beauty of the upper world.
Oh, here he appears on the east!!  Sun, the savior of my life and conferrer of my freedom
Alas!! He travels very slowly to reach on top, but the heat he sends is not endurable.
But, I must keep in mind that no gain if there is not pain and so I am subject to stand pain
Oh God, I really can’t prevail on this heat, I guess I am dying and these are my last moments
Oh yes!!! Finally I am out!! I am out of water, I havent died, I am still alive and came out of this layer
Now I need to cool myself and I am sure I will get it once the sun goes to its resting place at west
But, what is happening to me…I am mounting up without my will! Like somebody pulls me
In water, I put a lot a lot of effort to travel to the top layer, but here I am moving up with no effort
Might be this is known as enjoyment, but the heat, it is really harsh. I find it difficult to survive
Also these dirty particles of the air, they try to attach themselves to me, and some are successful
Hey!!! Even other water particles are also doing the same and me!!! I also feel like doing so
I cant believe me sitting in close proximity of other particles……Oh God, is it not injustice
I came out of the sea to be free and here inside this cloud, I can’t even think of freedom!!!!
All my dreams and inhibitions about the outside world were not true!!!
Lord God, I am sorry!!! I want to go back…but I am moving with this cloud!!!
Caught in the middle of other water particles and dirt, I can’t see the events outside
But, I can sense the movement of my cloud….our cloud is moving…..
I looked around…There are a lot of other water drops stuffed in this cloud
All of them reminded me about my lost dream…They also might have dreamt!!!
Suddenly an intense light was seen and heavy sound followed!!!
My heart was shivering in shock of this unfamiliar event!!!!
The dirty particle who sat next to me asked me to relax!!!
The light and the sound were the symbols of our strength!!!
With it, we as a cloud of water particles proved to other clouds that we are not weak
No one can beat us in anything and we are a large group of particles with metal.
As the heat became moderate, I started enjoying my journey
I, with my friends could see green plants, lush plains, beautiful rivers and small hills
On the way, I could see a mountain…I wanted it to leave our way…but
Suddenly it happened!! It was an accident and I could not find any of my friends after it
Oh my God, I am falling down!!! Hey where am I falling like this!!!!
Oh God, please rescue me!!! I think I am dying!!!! I am falling down
Please rescue me oh God, I don’t want to miss those green beautiful sight of earth
Oh!!! My head! Touching the earth is really painful as I am coming from height
I looked around and saw other water drops and I again have become part of a liquid
But!!!! This is not like sea….We are travelling again from the mountain….the journey is wonderful
Our movement and laugh caused a marvelous music and I felt myself to be the happiest water drop on earth
I am fresh and pure!!! Unlike in sea there is no salty taste there to make me bad
I must say I am proud of myself!!!!but now what is happening!!!that hot salty water is again encircle me
Where am I? Why am I not comfortable? Why am I feeling that I am back to sea again!!!
Oh God, who is this? My brother!!! My sister!! And my friends!!!!God I am back to sea
Hey God, this is not fair…this is not justice…How could you do this to me!!!
In pain, I realized other water drops who were there with me in my grant journey
Someone told, come we will make another effort to go on top of this layer
God, I am ready to go!!! And I understand, this is the cycle of life


Revolution Vs Obedience

Election approaches in a Christian dominated area of Kerala and some parties are aggressive enough to bring Jesus near to them. The role of new era communists in this process is worth mentioning as they have gone to an extent where they compared Jesus Christ with Cheguvera, a revolutionist insurgent. No one can compare Cheguvera or any other so called insurgent with Christ as Christ is incomparable.

There are many ways to prove the incomparability of Christ with any other human beings on earth. The four gospels along with the acts of Apostles provide us a glimpse of these various reasons. But my point here does not belong to any occasion from the bible. Instead I would like to explain the meaning of the term revolutionist.

Sociology explains the meaning of the term revolutionist as a person who works in opposition to a currently established system, often a civil authority or government. The person who works himself or herself has a will. A revolutionist needs to think, understand and decide to work for a noble cause and he can be armed or unarmed to bring revolution in the society. So, will is the basic factor that drives an ordinary person to a revolutionist.

If that is the case, look at Christ!!! Can we state that Christ has a will in bringing revolution on earth? It is true that it is Christ who brought the biggest revolution on earth. When all other revolutionists dreamt of bringing revolution on earth, Christ literally could bring it on earth. He could become the solution for all the basic problems of human beings. He understood the basic needs of human beings viz food, shelter and most importantly life itself.

You will be surprised as I am not ready to categorize Christ as a revolutionary even after bringing the much needed changes on earth. My reason for it is simple. Christ has not done any of these things with his will as he was acting according to the will of his father. It was father who decided things for Christ and Christ was only an instrument in his mighty hands. Christ is only an obedient son, he never did oppose his father. Without opposition, can you even imagine a revolutionary? May God bless us with his grace to understand the difference between revolution and obedience 


Happy to be proud!!!

Are you a person of pride? I heard this question
In a hurry my answer was an instant yes!!!
Ignorant about the reason behind my pride
I found myself proud to be a person of pride.
Pride in life!, health!, personality!and my ability!
reasons to be proud, counted a lot of things
vulnerable to end, they didn’t approve
Looking at myself, felt sorry as death may visit soon
But, repentance hesitated to approach me
An uncommon fish, which swims across the current
They were rushing to stare at me, but Istill am proud
I am proud of my life, health, personality and ability!
I have been given all these pluses of life by God!
My God!! My creator, is the origin of my pride
The Almighty, the source of all the happiness of life
God! I am proud of my God, because he is my God
He is enough for all the needs and prayers of my life!!!
Nothing on earth that is impossible by his mighty hands
I am thankful to you for all your gifts!! Thank you God!!
All my happiness and grace in life are from you
I really am proud of you being my God, my master!!
Lord, I am proud of you! Really am proud of you!!!


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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