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“You were outstanding in your college days…. But now, you are not writing in that way….why? Why are you not producing similar output even after having a lot of experience in life?” You are not drawing well, you are not singing well, you are not studying as you did and you are not even reading books which were your passion. What happened? and what caused for such a very drastic change? This is an often question whenever I meet my old friends, relatives or teachers. You also must have faced similar questions in your life.

People ask such questions to show their concern and consideration to us. They consider such comments and questions as part of positive stroke. Some people show a tendency to compare such comments to renaissance and revival of English society that paved the way to modernization. But, are they really saving their anticipated purpose? Let’s have a brief look on the reality behind the failure of a talented person. I would like to give a few examples from my own life to explain this context.

Recently a very close friend has gifted me a few set of pencils. I was very happy to receive them as I was badly in need of those pencils. But, I needed them and wanted those twenty years back. If I were having them as a student, I would have performed miracles in white paper and would have been known as a good painter. Instead, ‘the little me’ had to picture all my imaginations on the wall and in return I received a lot of abuse and slapping on my face. Unknowingly my little brain developed a fear that forbade me to draw.

Similarly, when I wrote in a different style, my parents, relatives and teachers created a block in my heart saying that “all writers are bad people and you as a girl cannot join that ‘dirty club’”. I then had to hide my imaginations in my own heart. As time passed the complicated experiences of my life made me forget that ‘I can write’. The singer in me also died in similar passion and I finally became a ‘mere me’ instead of becoming a painter, writer or singer. Today, I am very happy to receive these pencils and I am expecting these pencils to play the role of a reviving agent.

Twenty years back, I wanted them and if I got them at that time, I would have made wonders and today when I got it, I am finding it difficult to use them with the similar heart as my heart and brain are shaped with another pace. Today, what I want is something else and I have no idea when will I get it? I hope I may not require 20 more years when I will find it difficult to use it. Look at the nature. A plant needs the extra amount of nitrogen and zinc during its initial years, but after becoming a tree they require it in a very lesser quantity. I hope this is an answer for all those who ask questions about my inefficiency. This answer is not only for me, but for all those who face similar questions and situations.


Be loyal and watch Miracles in life

Irrespective of the differences in language, religion and region most of us share a common feeling in unanswered prayers. We often complain about having no answer for our prayers.  In the book of New Testament Bible, we are assured that all our prayers are answerable if we have strong faith without any doubt. After reading this also, we must be wondered again about unanswered prayers.

I have heard many people saying, “I believed without any doubt that my prayer will get answer, but there was none”. I also have faced the same issue several times and some time or the other, my vindictive heart kept myself away from God. This is not an exclusive case occurrence for me. You, my readers also might have experienced it at least once in life.  

Why?    What is the reason for this silence? Doesn’t God care to answer our prayers?     The Almighty must be facing thousands of similar questions on a daily basis.  Here, I have an answer for this question. All of us know about the resurgence of Lazar. From the New Testament, we can read that Lazar’s family was very close to Jesus. This made Mary and Martha, Lazar’s sisters to send a person for Jesus, when their only brother was sick. They expected the miracle worker to visit their house as always and heal their brother. But, Jesus did not turn out. He did not even care to enquire about Lazar’s sickness.

Exhausted Mary and Martha waited for a day and that evening, their brother expired. Mary really loved Jesus and she was a true disciple. Yet, she felt bad as Jesus did not even attend the funeral ceremony of her brother. She could not believe Jesus do such a merciless deed. That made Mary stays back at home when Jesus, visited their house on the 4th day of Lazar’s funeral. Instead she sent her sister. She expected Jesus to come and console her. Mary failed to maintain her loyalty to Lord as she was looking at the situation.

Martha, to maintain the manners went outside her house to receive Jesus. But, Jesus instead of visiting his mourning disciple went to the grave yard of Lazar. Martha and others were surprised to see Jesus doing that. He asked them to remove the stone of the grave. Hearing this all were shocked. They tried to resist Jesus saying that the dead body must be in a bad condition as it is the 4th day. But Jesus was adamant.

It was stinking, when they opened the grave. When they obeyed him, Jesus did not perform any magical deeds. He had not done big chanting or prayers. Instead he said only three words, “Lazar, Come out”. There emerged the living healthy Lazar. His body was covered with the clothes used to wrap the dead body. Mary was not there to watch this miracle.

It is true that she got her brother back, but she could not watch one of the most celebrated miracles of Jesus, when he was on earth. Jesus was, is and will be loyal to his promises, but Mary could not maintain her loyalty as she loved her brother more than Jesus. This is a lesson for us. Let us not repeat the same mistake again. Let’s have constant faith in Jesus. So that we can see his great miracles happening in our lives. 


Jisha Jagadeesh

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