Adieu Dear Blue Bird

Dear blue bird, look, how unlucky I am
I missed that glimpse when he passed
Kept my eyes open all day and night, but
He passed on that moment of misfortune
I was vigilant till that very moment, but
The tiresome of long strive made it a miss
Being lamentable, heart wishes to follow
But, the most doomed, I have no wings
Oh bird, I can’t fly to catch his glimpse
Why only birds blessed with wings
Why not me, who like to fly like a bird
I say oh bird; you are the luckiest on earth
You have a panoramic view as you fly
No need to wait for a glimpse of love
Being deprived of a panorama, I am lost
Lost in this deep forest in search of my man
Crying out his name in a voice that echoes
Not sure, whether I go in the right way
There is something that comforts me
The thought of him, who searches me
Putting a pause on my call, I listen
Listen to hear my name called by him, but
there was only my own voice that echoed
Bird, can you tell me something,
Are we going in opposite directions?
Bird, how can I understand   your speech?
You do have a panorama, but no words
I do have words but no bird's eye view.
Trying to reach the horizon, I couldn’t do it
Horizon was not kind enough to wait for me
It displaced itself whenever I reached it
Where to go, east, west, North or south?
Bird, who told you that earth, is round?
 If it’s true, all ways must lead me to one place
Some way or the other, I shall reach him
Now, I’m not hesitant to Set apart for it.
On a jaunt, I say you adieu oh dear bird


Being Immaculate

“The environment we live has a definite impact on our personality” is a very well known fact and is being proved by participatory research. Today, I have a story for endorsing this truth. The heroes of my story are two twin parrots who lived on one of the branches of a tall Banyan tree in a village. Once day, both the twins fell down from the nest during heavy rains and bad climate. Their mother could not save them. One parrot was saved by some thieves, whereas the other one was saved by some nuns.
One day, the crowned prince of the kingdom visited the village and he met the parrot who lived with thieves. The parrot did not have anything good at his tongue and he was abusing the prince. When the prince tried to catch the parrot it flew away. To the Prince’s astonishment he could see the same parrot when he reached the next town and now, the parrot was really loving and it welcomed the crowned prince with respect.
Prince was surprised and asked for details and the nuns told him the reality. We can see a similar incident in Bible. When Jesus was caught by the soldiers, Peter and John were there with him. When they reached the prosecution place, John went inside with Jesus, whereas Peter preferred to stay out of the place. Jesus, even though locked with chain was able to protect John from sin as he was with him.
On the other hand, Peter could not control himself and had to deny being a disciple of the Christ. He had to face this situation for the reason of choosing an unwanted environment. Similarly we also can face such a situation. To become a teetotaler, we must stay out of the reach of alcohol. This is same with every aspects of life. To be immaculate, we need to stay out of sin and other unwanted situations.


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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