Do you know me my love?

Though the news of divorce fails to gain interest in the modern times, the news of increase in the number of divorce gained my attraction when I was reading news paper this morning. The survey conducted by the popular news paper of the country gave shocking results as the most common causes for divorce were seemed to be very silly. The element that called my attention was the age factor.  It’s true that divorce is a universal phenomena, but it was a shocking information to me that the more number of divorces were among the couples of my age i.e. 25-30!!

All of us know that the keyword for a good married life is Mutual understanding. Don’t you think that it is a very general term? Like every married couple; I also did have often repeated friction in my married life. Some of my friends may find it a bit offensive in this revelation, but let me tell you one thing. It is quite natural. Both the partners took birth in different families and so, different cultures. They spent more number of years in their lives in a different environment. In this context, if there is no problem among partners, we must assume that something is wrong with either one of the partners.

I feel so and thus, I thought to share my way of a healthy ‘family life’. Now, let’s see what I have done to make my family atmosphere the best

1)      I love him
I love him from the bottom of my heart. I always used to be around him even though I make it a point to give him enough room for his personnel activities. I have several other commitments and relationships around me like my parents, in-laws, relatives and friends. I love them as well, but the difference between my love to them and love to him are quite evident. My love to them is conditional, whereas my love to him is unconditional. I don’t love him because he loves me or he takes good care of me. I love him because he is my man.

2)      I am open to recognize him
His success boosts me better than mine. I don’t hesitate to congratulate him when he really deserves it. I love to watch him to be the most successful and handsome man on earth. You might be feeling a bit hesitant to follow my example as your husband might feel odd with this new development. Do one thing. Start with the very basic thing. When he wears a new shirt and if you feel that he looks good in that shirt, tell him with all your love and if you find it not so good, be truthful and better not to comment.

3)      I Understand that he understands me
Most women complain that husband does not understand them, but it is not the reality. I always felt that he understands me better than anyone else on earth. He understands better than me. He understands my caliber, he understands my feelings and he understands my emotions. In the meanwhile, you want to tell that you never felt that your husband does understand you, but your feeling has cheated you this time and you don’t need to tell him that ‘you don’t understand me’ as he hates to listen it.

4)      He is my best friend
Everyone loves to spend time with friends, and what if your husband is your best friend. The happiness will pave the way for joy with such a best friend. He always gave me company wherever I want to be with and I always tried to enjoy all his entertaining moments. We never wanted to term this mutual enjoyment as adjustment as adjustment is sacrificing, which makes one partner superior. Frankly speaking, I always loved to enjoy his superiority.

Being a woman my experiences are focused on women, but these tips are good for men as well, if you could internalize my ideas. It is tested and proved, so the most effective at least in my case.


English is the greatest language on earth

“English is the greatest language on earth”. Today, I consider this as a great statement. You also might be counting this statement as something really valuable for many reasons. Your reasons may include
                  English is the language of globalization
                  English is the language of the Internet
                  English is the official language in 52 countries
                  1/4th of the global population understands it
                  1/3rd of them speak it to some degree
Etc…..etc….etc….. But my reason for considering this statement as ‘great’ is not any of the above. Now you might be confused…then what is my reason. So simple….It disturbed my sleep this morning with a lesson. Lesson!!!! What lesson??? Let’s see
Someone was announcing about the greatness of English through a mike for advertising their language Institute and unfortunately this particular sentence had the fate to wake me up in this January morning, while I wanted to cuddle my pillow and sleep. Till today, I loved English, but this unfortunate event made me think about the negatives of English. Negatives!!! Does English have negatives also? Your answer might be a No…, but my answer is yes to a greater extent. George Bernard Shaw could state it, then why not me?
Mr. Shaw constructed the word GHOTI to illustrate the irregularities of English language.  The theory elaborates the term Ghoti is the speling of the word fish. You must be wondering how? Here is your explanation.
                    gh, pronounced /f/ as in tough /tʌf/;
                    o, pronounced /ɪ/ as in women /ˈwɪmɪn/; and
                    ti, pronounced /ʃ/ as in nation /ˈneɪʃən/

Furthermore, here in this unphonetic language, we write Ghoti and read it as fish, whereas in several other languages, we don’t need to be an expert in the phonetics to read the language. In those languages, you only need to learn the alphabets and vowels to read the language without any confusion. On contrast, here in English, we read nature as nechar and future as foochar.

Now don’t you think that English is a stupid language? To add your confusion, let me suggest you to go to the dictionary and find how unphonetic this language is. This is only a small reason for this cause. There are several other exceptions in English Grammar and style. But let me state that, with all these irregularities , I respect English from the bottom of my heart. You must be wondering why? Why am I taking such a double standard, right? The reason is simple. English could become the no: 1 language of the world with all these irregularities. With this feature, this language gave me a great lesson. Your negatives do not prevent you to become a winner.  Even after having a lot of negatives, you can emerge as a winner. I must thank English for such a great lesson. I got this lesson when I woke from sleep. So friends awake ignore your negatives and try for a great life. You can achieve it.


Jisha Jagadeesh

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