I still am in peace

Like all others, the only intention of my life was to get peace and comfort. Every single day of my life offered me a very hectic schedule and I could not understand even the meaning of peace. I didn’t like the life in my small uncomfortable house. I hated my colorless dresses and I disliked my cheap food items. I hated my modest job that helped me to make my both ends meet. I would have been much peaceful and comfortable if I had a lot of money. My confused mind was in search of getting opportunities. For that, I browsed the internet several times in a day to find better opportunities of employment and business. Every opportunity I find involved a hard element and it was hard work.

“Gold prices rose by Rs 82 to Rs 30,989 per 10 gm in futures trade on Monday as speculators enlarged their positions, driven by a firming trend in the Asian region amid pick up in spot demand.” While reading this piece of news in an economic website, I was thinking about the fast growth of gold as a commodity.  Of all the precious metals Gold gained slant and it still maintains its position as the most popular investment. The history of Gold as the most desirable reserve fund has started from time immemorial. The attraction towards gold had laid foundation to several innovations since the beginning and the best example is chemistry that began as alchemy. Alchemy proposed a philosopher’s stone that could transform all base metals to noble metals namely gold and silver.

On the way to bed, all my thoughts were focused on only one thing and that was gold. As the price of the gold grew hastily on a daily basis, I wanted to accumulate the maximum amount of gold I could. My business mind made reasoning by calculating the profit I had on the gold I already bought and it was enormous and it boosted me to a great extent.  As often I couldn’t embrace a comfortable sleep since my mind was wandering for the sources of capital with which I could buy gold. While sleeping, I had several dreams of me becoming very rich with the increased profit from gold. In next few days, I sold all my belongings including my house and bought gold.

I expected my gold to bring a minimum profit of 40% with next three months. I dreamt of buying a bigger house in the next year. In my imagination, I became the fastest driver on earth in my new Ferrari. I also wanted to buy one BMW for my aesthetic purposes.  All my dreams had only one ground and it was gold. As expected cost of gold gained momentum and it seemed to fulfill all my dreams. To make sure of my gold reserve to be safe, I decided to protect them in a bank locker.  Once it had moved to the locker, I became much relaxed and I had a sound sleep after many days. The future life of laziness, where the gold work for my comfort fascinated me and that thought led me to cuddle towards myself in the next morning. Yet, I left the bed in next few minutes as I wanted to read the news paper to know the increase in the gold price.

The primary headline of the news paper was about some new invention and I didn’t want to spend my precious time to read such a silly thing. So, I turned my attention to the business page where I can read the update in gold price. Even after having several scan, I couldn’t find the price of the gold on that day. Instead every nuke and corner of the news paper was filled with the great success achieved by the chemists in the field of metallurgy. So, I thought of reading about that innovation and took the front page of the news paper once again. While reading it, my eyes stroke to a line which was written in bold letters. With this invention, now we can convert any base metal to gold. Thus gold has become a very common metal and so, gold lost its investment value and it has become very cheap now.

My sudden reaction was a loud impossible. But it was true. I lost everything I had in my life. I lost even my career that helped me to live. Nobody was ready to give me a job as I had a big gap in my career trusting my gold reserve. But, now without a job, home and dresses, I am comfortable as I have nothing else to think other than the next day food. I slept in railway platforms and I wore meager dresses. But, now I am comfortable. Now the thing that makes my life comfortable is not gold. It is "And why be anxious about a garment? Consider the lilies of the field how they grow: they toil not nor spin; but I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these. But if God so clothe the herbage of the field, that is today, and tomorrow is cast into an oven, [shall he] not much more [clothe] you, O little of faith? Yes, now my trust is in God and he takes care of me without fail and thus I am in peace.


The relevance of the constitution

Constitution of a country is the basic law of governance and it is superior to all other laws active there. An amendment of the constitution is the change brought in the written constitution with the consent of the majority of the members of both the houses of the parliament. The President of the country has to give ascent for the amended provision of the law to be active. All the amended laws of the constitution have similar weight age as in the case of laws in the original constitution.

 The 42nd amendment of the constitution envisages such a great change in its content. Actually, it is an addition of a new provision i.e. The Fundamental Duties are defined as the moral obligations of all citizens to help promote a spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. These duties, set out in Part IV–A of the Constitution (under a constitutional amendment) concern individuals and the nation. There are 11 fundamental duties and the 5th among them states “To promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women”. Thus, it is evident that one should quit practices belittling to the dignity of women.

The fundamental rights promises equality before law for all the citizens of the country, however the constitution enables the State to make special provision for women and children. The Directive principles of the state policy direct the state to make provision for Equal pay for equal work. Even after having this much of safety precaution, women are not safe here. The recent rape and further death of Ms. Jyothy in the national capital territory is the latest example. Jyothy is not an exclusive example for this tragedy. Nowadays, rape and attack against the individuality of women, has become a very common thing.

That means, the law of the country has no role in the life and activities of the citizens. It has become just black ink printed on paper. This situation leads to the question of relevance of the constitution. When the constitution and the law of the nation turn irrelevant, the governance mechanism of the country goes unconstitutional. Normally, when such an occasion arises, the nation has to suspend its constitution and think of a new system. The current government has to take such an action. If the government fails to take such a step, the youth of the country must agitate and must restore the natural constitution of the humane law in our country because fundamental rights and duties are not man-made. It is a divine creation.


Jisha Jagadeesh

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