I don't have a lost legacy

Why do you want to poke fun on me on my lost Legacy?
As my legacy never deserved even to be laughed at it
When the legacy is a gift of personal belongings by will
And a gift requires a person who never expect returns
How can I lose something that was never belonged me?
The dimensions of my legacy always had nothing in hold
The wealth that was my own right was taken by siblings
As I couldn’t demand even a bit of love from my mother
Borne from clay, my share of intellect also was empty
Thanks to the creator who kept a bit of it in my persona
Like the benignity shown to the lotus who hailed in mud
Like lotus, I also find it difficult to make bonds with allies
Like lotus, what I do is to stare at them when they pass
Hailing like a queen of mud, when I look to the river bank
I see the beautiful flowers and plants enjoy their legacy
Tears fled as streams and bring my eyes down to earth
There I see a lot of plants that live a life of happiness
They even don’t know the meaning of the term legacy
Yet, they are really happy, and then what went wrong
What is that made my tears fled like an unending stream
It is nothing special as claimed, a small phrase ‘lost legacy’
Today, I stop sobs on a realization, ‘that I never had a legacy’
As the legacy is a gift of personal belongings by will of others
And a gift requires a person who never expect returns
And my fortune still on an unending search to find that person.
I still am waiting as my legacy deserves to be waited.


Life is like a book

Life is a book with infancy as its first chapter
Years contribute to life as pages in the book
With birthday is the beginning of a new page
A book of one hundred pages is not a trauma
As we get the essence before reaching half
Page thirty could be a milestone of a book
It starts a new chapter in the whole book
Alike, thirtieth year brings a new milestone
A milestone that re-scripts the rest of the life
Past is a lesson that makes future meaningful
Kicks in one third, thirty years signifies the life
Years that makes us capable for rest of our life
Being the first page of a new chapter in the life
The nobility of thirtieth birthday is thus open
Depicting the sense of celebration of birthday
I wish a very happy birthday to someone special
To a man with the courage to celebrate a life
To a man with the splendor to learn new lesson
From the life that went to hide itself in the past
May you live for another one hundred years
With a blissful glory to be storied in the future


The weep of a bleeding heart

Listening to someone’s smash, I opened my heart
I saw a question that waited me to be invited for
A perplexed question of a mother who lost her baby
A question of why? Of which answer is complicated
Because my answer is the story of a bleeding heart
A mother who lost her infant without any cause
A mother whose lap is empty with oozing bosom
A mother who was told to leave her baby forever
A mother who delivered a baby that doesn't belong her
Like I was told that the poem I wrote is not mine

As someone else wrote similar lines in another language
How can it to be justified? Why such a huge denial?
Why is the mother asked to forget the sufferings?
How can she forget the anxiety of those nine months?
What about the severity of the pain during delivery
Where is the joy after the long painful times?
I do understand the pain of the mother as I undergo
I do undergo the pain of loss of my own creation
The creation that granted me long sleepless nights
The creation that drew thoughts and views in rhythm

A creation that flew like streams of joy in my heart
A creation that pained my soul on its birth
A creation I wrote with blood in my own self
A creation that made me feels that I am not alone
The creation that made me proud that it is mine
A creation that satisfied the whole me with words
Alas, let the earth break up to get me in her bosom
As today, I was told that my poem does not belong to me
Someone else has a right on it, someone else stronger

Like the mother who’ll never see the face of her baby again
I also am end up in a disaster as it hurts so much to know
My poem that borne out of my soul will never be called as mine
I can’t cherish my precious memories of writing it anymore
I called out and cried to show my bleeding heart in a loud voice
I was collapsed like the mother who lost her own infant
A mother is connected to her baby with an invisible chord
A chord of feelings and emotions that is not visible to others
Similar to the chord that binds a mother and her lost baby
I also am attached to the words that I wrote being its mother

Though no one can see, I know that it's there, an invisible cord
From my creation to me like I do have with my creator the Almighty
It’s hard to describe the strength of this cord that can't be destroyed
Though others may not agree, I know it in my soul and can't be denied.
The bond that stands as it is stronger than any bond human could produce
Like the unfortunate mother, I want to hold and I want to be with
But being called as a thief, I am compelled to leave it forever
Like the mother who was asked to leave her own baby
I am asked to delete it from my heart, soul and my page
With a bleeding heart and tearful eyes, I am about to edit it

But I can’t delete from my heart and soul as I gave it birth
Even such a thought is dreadful to me that pull at my heart
I am bruised...I am sore like a helpless mother who lost her baby
All my written words vague where nothing can be seen and read
All the thoughts I named are unclear like an undecipherable inscription
Someone asked me to rewrite the words and lines to solve the dilemma
But I can’t as I gave birth to my poem in the bottom of my heart
As it is not possible for a mother to restructure her baby once gave birth
I will never allow my hands to spoil the nature of my soul borne
Instead I will cherish it within my heart like a lifeline across my soul
Like a passionate mother who lives in the memoirs of love and affection


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License