Awaiting the majestic presence

After a monotonous and dim hour of the clock
That was compelled to spend with the dull moon
Arrived the much awaited bliss of majestic presence
The presence of light and warmth as desired as ever
With which I saw the world in its optimal realism
With which I realized the world with all its deception
With which I admired the world with all its beauty
The whole nature rejoiced with me on your arrival
The entire world was aerated by the spirit of green
Flying fauna tuned mellifluence with swift moves
The gloss dispersion of the flora farmed beauty for life
I refused myself even to imagine your departure again
But, everything went upside down as you left in short
Everything refused to be visible as if in a dark moon
The blessing light that brought clear vision bid adieu
The green life seeped vicious gas instead of fresh air
Birds stopped singing as a refute of their distress
The colored flora ceased reigning as beauty symbol
The changes were abrupt and seemed inevitable
Being unsuccessful in keeping me against the current
I am here on kneels to woo before you to come back


spring returned to my garden

      You came like a breeze that soothes the wound
Like the fulfillment of a dream that was  always alive
The pain and sorrows of the past cannot be undone
Even the prospects of leaving them also are rarer
I’m thankful to God for the past cannot be erased
As you are there in past whom I never can delete
Still do cherish that past aloof where you were me
The joyful days that we made together for each other
Where you were my friend, soul mate and path finder
Things went on a day without uttering even a word
I opened my inner eyes to see you but, I couldn't
I wanted you beside me in all my tearful moments
I wished to stay by your side in all the times you wept.
The departed clocks showed me how delicate I’m
Without you, I never was perfect as you fulfilled my flaw
You are my best friend whom I always cared to get back
Thanks for walking into my courtyard with those flowers
The flowers of memory that ushers the spring once again
As you are that spring for whom I always waited for
To make my garden full of flowers and cheers once again


Qatar Travelogue- Part 2

I am happy to welcome you back to my life in Qatar. As promised in a previous post, I am resuming my effort to write about my travelogue to Qatar. Doha is a very beautiful and organized city, yet I could not visit any of those excitements here. The tight schedules of my husband’s job made me sit within the four walls of our apartment. Hopefully I can have a look at excitements like Qatar National Museum and Doha zoo among other places. Though, I couldn't see it, the places I visited here were had a lot of excitement to offer. As mentioned in my first travelogue post, I have visited Villaggio Mall, Landmark Mall, Doha Corniche and Dahl al Hammam Park.

Villaggio Qatar is a very big and beautiful shopping mall situated in Aspire Zone of the west end Doha. We visited the mall on a Friday that made it more exciting. On the way, what attracted me the most is torch tower and a very big stadium. I hope you remember me mentioning about a torch shaped light, I saw during my landing in Doha My husband told me that it is Khalifa International Stadium. The stadium along with the torch tower and the nearby park gave a scenic beauty to the Villaggio. The interior of the mall with a sky painted attractively on the roof, appeared as if we are standing in open air. There are canals and ice skating grounds arranged inside. People could walk along the canal and they also could enjoy boating. I never could imagine a mall with such an interior.

There is good theme park inside the mall- the Gondolania theme park. Children were playing there. The shops are of different types. It has a place for people of all budgets. I could see people of Asia, Africa, Europe and North East Asia there. Post the accidental fire that claimed 19 lives, one area was closed with a very big board with painting suited with the rest of the interiors. Even in difficult times, the Qataris show a great attitude that decides there altitude. Hailing from among the richest people in terms of per capita income, Qataris are rich in their culture as well. They are really friendly and supporting people.

Now back to Doha Corniche, extending for several kilometers, it is a waterfront promenade set up along the Doha Bay. Parallel to the promenade is Corniche Street that connects Doha Airport with the fast developing West Bay. Being a popular place for walkers and Joggers, a walk in Corniche is very appealing. The view of dozens of skyscrapers along with Sheraton hotel makes it enchanting. These lighted skyscrapers are proofs for the current economic boom in the country. While I started walking, my eyes were busy searching the lighting arrangements on those high buildings. The pyramid shaped Sheraton hotel and the nearby park were added a special appeal to the beauty of Corniche.

The Museum of Islamic Art was the great attraction that caught my heart while I was enjoying the brisk walk in Corniche. When I saw this board, the first thing that encountered my thought was the term Alchemy. Arabs began the science of Chemistry and named it as Chemistry. Being a chemistry graduate, my curiosity compelled me to visit the Museum. But I could not. Even though, I couldn't make a visit to the Museum, I am sure about the historical and scientific excitements I can have inside it. I am here in this place for four months and now I would love to learn about this country.

Hailing from the largest democratic country of the world, I often believed that democracy is the best political system, but the experience in Doha was quite different. The development process in Doha has a direction and the ground for that direction is human welfare. The government is careful about the safety and welfare of even expatriates. In democracy, what often directs the politicians is their personal interest. After satisfying the interests of the governing party, if they are doing something for the country, there appears the opposition party to prevent that development. They do not want this development to happen within the rule of their opponents; they want to defeat the ruling party in the next election in this ground.

There are several similar negatives associated with the current so called democracy. Even though the term democracy refers the rule of the people, the fact has no relationship with the theory. Indians are suffering under democracy. In India, we do have a lot of resources in comparison to Qatar, but Indians are not able to enjoy its fruits under democracy as Qataris do under Monarchy. Hopefully my next post could be a comparison between the cultural and political traits between India and Qatar or between Democracy and Monarchy. Qatar has offered me a great opportunity to rethink about the system of democracy and the relevance of people like Anna Hazare in India. In the meanwhile, I have diverted my thoughts from places like Dahl Al Hammam Park and Katara cultural village. I will write about them later as my next post will be on the cultural and political traits of Qatar.


Life of a sprouting Seed

Dropping me in this dirt, how can you leave my master?
I overjoyed on the day when you rescued me from mud
Counting myself amid the lucky ones, I enjoyed with you
You granted the best place and called me the invaluable
You are the one who made me remember my potential
Your love was exorbitant that I even forgot to relish me
You saved me when many others are still under mud
I forgot my responsibilities for me with trust upon you
I proclaimed you as my redeemer to the entire world
Nowhere in my distant dream, had I incertitude?
An uncertain future was not even in my nightmares
Today my redeemer himself left me in this darkness
Under this mud, I can see no light and have no hope
With a heavy heart that bleeds and a body that pains
Bidding bye to companions whom I can’t see any more
I wish I could get some light and I have some water

Overwhelmed in pain, my soul desires at least death
Instead tires the unwanted assault of rain and sun rays
Have pity on me oh my savior, forgive me the genial soul
I can’t bear the pain on my flesh as my skin is breaking
Death denies accepting me with these sore wounds
The trouble is in its extreme as I am going unconscious
Coming back to cognizance, I can see a green growth
An outgrowth from my wound that offered great pain
A call to rise, my body moves itself to see the light
Oh goodness, I can see the light and the world
Everyone look at me as if I am a newly borne baby
All are welcoming me as if I took birth only today
The old tree and the butterfly failed to recognize me
Looking at myself, I saw a neonate in my place
A small plant with green leaves and soft trunk
Today, I am the most beautiful creature on earth
The pain, the desolation and the wounds caused it
Thanks to my savior who really understood me
For making me capable of my real potential


Song of a blind, deaf and dumb

Awaiting the mellifluent music, my ears were flunked
Like an ignorant fool with long lasting echoes of silence
Trying hard to distinguish the rhythm, my heart failed
Failed again in the race that made me run like a mouse
Looking at me, someone called the name blind mouse
With broken heart, I realized that I can’t see anymore
Trying to scream on my fate was the succeeding move
Once again I broke down to articulate even a sound
They called me a dumb as I can’t even cry on pains
Consolation came from my heart trusting an arrival
An arrival of the new me, the me who rises from me
My baby, who will be me myself to live a life of desire
She will bring ears that can hear the music for a deaf
She will bring eyes that can see the beauty for a blind
Her tongue will speak the truths of the world for a dumb
Trusting at this solace, I kept me waited outside my hut
There I recalled my wait for music, vision and voice
I taught myself to forget the losses by waiting for joy
Still waiting at the time of sun leaving its day’s work
I could feel the sterile area of reproduction in body
I waited in vain; it’s true that my heart portrayed her
But my womb also failed like my ears, eyes and lips
Being a blind, my inner eyes looked at her portrait
She is smiling; I could not distinguish her intention
She must be laughing at me, for being a big failure
My inner ears could hear her singing a lovely music
In that rhythm, I also sang a song that made her sleep


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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