When I am dead

Pain mounted, as I am about to leave this physical body
The body that was my home until now, will no longer be mine
The body that walked, talked and ate for me on this earth
The body that let me know about the happiness and sorrows
The body that was well known among the world as ‘me’
With several years of time spent together, I saw it grow
I saw it growing from an infant to a short and stout woman!!!
With the friendship of all these years, I love it very much
Leaving it is of course a pain as it entirely belonged me
Getting out of this body was painful for me and my body
Soon after I left it, somebody called it as a dead body
I could see someone rushing to the hospital with that body
Doctors worked hard and hard but I never can accept it back
For someone is waiting for me to be united with me forever
The thought about my eternal companion accelerated my pace
On the way, I heard a voice that prevented my heavenly joy
It was the weep of a bleeding heart that cannot live without me
Though my wish was heaven, I returned to my body to console him
By the time I return, they burnt my dead body to make him cry
Then a group of people came to my man to console him
One among them could see the entire world with my eyes
Another one could live with his lover again with my heart
My kidneys and liver also could save two lives each
All of them thanked my man and prayed for my soul
Neither my man needs their thanks nor do I need prayer


For you

I do smile though tears hurried to flow
For you who always want me to smile

I do speak though articulation was surd
For you who always listened my words

I do think, though ideas changed their way
For you who always encouraged to think

I do write, though thoughts defied to flow
For you who waited to read my poems

I do live, though I didnt want to continue
For you who forgot to live without me

I do love, though my mind insisted to hate
For you who never knew what hatred is


How special we are!!!

A day when everybody do smiles at another
A day when the flora reins each courtyard
A day when all have same cuisine and menu
A day when music is the basic feast and norm
A day when rich and poor wear fresh apparel
A day when swings dominate the life of kids

A day when dance brings women together
A day when each family has another reunion
A day when all are waiting for someone special
A day when we recognize how special we are
A day when we recall our supreme legacy
A day when all the harvest is brought home

A day that will never reveal its joy to others
A day that is specially made for Malayalam
A day that brings pride to each sons of my land
A day that is not only a celebration, but a passion
A day that is inscribed in the hearts of Kerala
A day that brings an extreme feel of intimacy

We keep this day in heart and call it as Onam
We resist you name it as the festival of harvest
We resist you limiting this day as New Year
We resist you christening it as tourist week
It’s our passion that can never be removed
Symbol of our bequest that reminds our unity


An assurance

When things went wrong, I looked onto thy face
As whoever looked at thy face is to be lightened
They hindered my way, while I was in thy pursuit
But you provided the strength that made me go
For me, you are the strength in my weakness
You are that that canvass on which I painted life
You are that river on which my life boat floats
Today, I feel me like the shore that awaits tides
That makes it wet from the abundance of ocean
I’m here to be swept over with love in abundance
The abundance of thy mighty love flew onto me
Eluded pains and sorrows to make me clear
Revisited by your love and powerful presence
I am assured of getting everything well done


The river flows without any flaw

The river seemed to flow without any flaw
What travails her to have this ultimate joy?
She sings a lovely song while she passes!!!
Each water drop dances while they move
Shallow water near the bank is transparent
It shows the truth that hidden under water
The concealed truth calls for some tears
The tears of the river will never be seen
With dirt and malice concealed beneath
The river still flows in joy without any flaw
She wishes to reach a place of exposure
Where she could enjoy liberty of vastness
The dream of enjoying the abundant room
Makes her happy through all the while
This made the river flow without any flaw


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License