Im not sure whether tomorrow waits for me as death may meet tonight.
Being uncertain about my future,
I kept the last flower of my garden for you as I did with the first one.
Being not sure about my life,
I left the last thought unnamed, as I don't remember the first.
Being confused about my visions,
I want my last sight to be your face
as you remained since the first.
Being ignorant about future knowledge, I held the last voice without articulate, as I promised.


Without you

Insisted by the rays of light, I woke up without a reason.
Compelled by someone's effort, I ate a lot without hunger.
Tempted by an innocent soul, I smiled without happiness.
Marked by the lines of clock,  I closed my eyes to sleep.
Though I could wake up like a machine, without a reason to wake.
Though I could eat like a machine, without any desire to eat
Though I could smile when there was a lot to make me cry
I couldn't sleep as I am not a machine but a human being
A human being who misses you a lot
A human being who doesn't want to wake up without you
A human being who doesn't like to eat without you
A human being who forgot to smile without you.


That dark girl is my friend

"Don't touch her,  don't talk with her, don't sit with her". She being the most beautiful and the most intelligent girl in the class,  I always wanted her friendship but my family kept me away from her.  Like all previous attempts, this time also I failed to get her friendship because of the timely intervention of my mom. My mom seemed to be burning with anger.  I even scared of her beating me in front of 'her and other friends'.  I often noticed  her being avoided by other friends as well.  Though,  I tried to ask about this 'deliberate ignorance' to my friends, I never did get a satisfying reply in this regard. 

With the inherent innocence,  her deep black eyes carried a sense of boldness which was not common with other six year old girls.  Hailing from a traditional family,  I never expected a girl to have this much of courage. I became her fan because of the confidence that made her the first rank holder of my class even after suffering the pain of such numerous situations.

Why mummy? Why should I keep her away? Though my mom tried to make me understand some big things in life,  I couldn't make out the reason that denied me with the courtship of the smartest student of my class. Many a times,  I saw her looking at me with a high degree of compassion. She also likes my company and this knowledge made me spending more time thinking about the reason for this injustice. 

There is no doubt that she is beautiful but her complexion isn't fair.  Is it the reason?  May not be! !! Though dark,  she is very attractive.  She doesn't have a lot of dress and ornaments as many of my friends do have. She is not rich, might be this I guessed. But she is not the only poor girl in the class. So wealth is not the criteria  for this discrimination.  Unlike many of my classmates who ignored her,  she sings and dances well.  She is very good at sports academics and other activities.  She has so many desired qualities,  yet being avoided by the society.

I saw teachers who used to be unhappy with her good scores that happened to be the best in the whole class. I never even thought of them having such a feeling.  Teachers can't be wrong! !! After several failed attempts to become her friend, I finally decided to share my confusion to grandpa who always understood my feelings. 

Grandpa, what is wrong with her? What made the society alienate her? What is her mistake?  Grandpa took a long breathe before answering my question. Darling, Nothing wrong with her, she is a very good child like you. God has the same attitude and love towards both of you. Alas!!! She is borne in a dhobi's caste


You made me smile on your birthday

When the white lilly failed to give my share of beauty,
When the Orchid couldn't give even a bit of softness,
When the jasmine made a mistake in doling fragrance,
When the entire world struggled to get me happiness
I turned my wet pair of eyes to you, my cute baby

Where I saw a face that hides all the beauty in the world
Softness made alive with your love and affection
With the fragrance of infancy,  you made my life complete
Sorrow of not having happiness went by for not to return
As I am gifted with perfection in your loving presence

Like beauty in the white Lilly and softness in the light Orchid

With lots of shine and glitter in the aroma of fresh air
Wonderful my lfe, you made as you never cease to amaze
Happy birthday my baby,  you brought the best in life
Like a visit made by heaven, your birth made me smile.


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License