What went wrong... . ?

After a sound stream of sleep
I pat on myself to see the sun
But the sun didn't rise up
After a long schedule of the day
I wanted the moon to appear
Yet the moon didn't turn up
After an elongated lap of run
I craved for the flow of breeze
Alas! the breeze was hesitant
After a severe drought on throat
I waited for the water to flow
My fortune wasn't good for it to come
After having all these hassles across
My heart landed me in a dilemma
There was a frigid state of anarchy
That made no delay to ask me
What went wrong... . ???
What went wrong... . ???
What went wrong... . ???


Impact of media in the society

The impact of media in the society has grown to various sectors like the source of Information, education, Socialization of children and youth, entertainment, Political awareness, Cultural transmission, the catalyst to development etc. Let’s have a look on each of these aspects in detail.

The source of Information

The news items carried by the mass media are instrumental to bring a lot of information required for social life, such as current affairs, government policies, traffic regulations, weather forecasts, examination results, alerts, precautions etc. With the growth of audiovisual media, we are able to get live updates of almost all the latest events and could make our daily lives better.


Along with assisting the formal education system with educational channels, educational programs and features broadcasted or published in various types of mass media, they also provide an informal kind of education to people with predefined objectives. Such informal education includes a wide variety of news based contents like reports, features, photos, cartoons, editorials and articles and non-news contents like advertisements to educate people about the newest trends in their surroundings. Mass media in our city directly participate in the educational system by publishing educational Supplements for students. Education Plus of The Hindu, Also, we have a number of educational TV channels such as national geographic channel and Gyandarshan.


In our city, mass media has shown its impact as an agent of socialization. It could empower people to acquire norms and experiences of the group as a whole, to maintain cultural consensus and communal harmony. It helps us to understand the cultural and social norms of various groups in our society. On the basis of this information, individuals honor others and behave according to the common values and thus create an integrated society.


With the advent and growth of mass media, especially television and social media, the city life became much more entertained. Having a monotonous life of troubles and tensions with hectic schedules and stressful events, mass media is a blessing for the city dwellers with all its entertainment content. Newspapers publish cartoons, comics, puzzles and special weekend supplements. The major share of magazine content includes short stories, novels, and comics. Television and radio primarily concentrate on entertainment function through their programs based on sports, film, serials, music, dance, comedy, animation and fashion shows.

Political functions

Usually the mass media, be it television or newspapers, most of their content, is centered on politics in our society. We see our leaders criticize officials and political leaders and advocate for better living conditions during panel discussions on television. Similarly, journalists expose corruption, show up developments and condemn or praise political activities considering their merits. Actually, these actions of the media make our democracy vibrant. Thus, mass media assume a key role in setting the agenda for the entire political system and policy making by forming public opinion on various issues

Cultural transmission

Mass media are the bridge between our past and present. They report day to day affairs which will become the history of tomorrow. The best records of modern history are newspapers of yester years. We get our cultural tradition from history and we follow the best of them. In keeping our culture flowing, media play a vital role. It focuses on the genuine aspects of our culture and points out the undesirable trends.

The current world of globalization considers media as a part of its daily routine and can’t even think of going a day without internet, television and newspaper. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogs have become instrumental to exchange ideas so promptly and widely than other conventional media. Whether it is social, financial, educational, and cultural or anything: every field of life is focussed on 4C’s: creativity, communication, connection, and creation. Thanks to the growth of technology.


Qatar Travelogue - Part 3

Once again, I am back with my travelogue series. I still remember my promise of writing about my long journey from Hyderabad to Kochi and the cultural and political traits of Qatar. I will indeed apply my pen in motion for those great experiences, however now…I thought of writing about some more of my experiences at Villaggio Mall, of which I already had given a mention in my last post. The motivation behind me drawing a step back is something really refreshing and exciting!!! Yes…it is nothing other than food….The memory of mouth-watering cuisines….
Though, my taste buds have a great role in inspiring me to return to Villagio, it is not the only motivational factor that made me write about the experience in the mall. It is something else that is often not seen with a private business group in Doha. I revisited Villaggio mall on somewhere in the mid of last year with three of my friends. As usual, the mall was brightening with all its previously mentioned appealing features. This time, I went inside through gate no: 4 of which, I entered the food court. Walking towards the right side, the first sight that captured my eyes was the line of restaurants located against the ice skating rink. Though, I had a temptation to watch the children who skate in the rink, I could not resist the pleasing aroma from the line of restaurants. There was a plenty of cuisines to choose from such as Chinese, Indian, Continental, Filipino, European etc.
The multitude of options sweetly launched me into confusion and so I decided to walk along to see all the available options at first. On the go, there was a strange sight prevented our path. Ice creams are thrown!!! When a customer chooses their flavours, the sales man mixes the ice cream by throwing the ice cream balls rapidly up and down and across. Once they are mixed and garnished with toppings, they are thrown again to another end to be served. I watched this beautiful and rare process for some time and in the mean, a small crowd in front of a restaurant, opposite to the ice cream shop caught my attention.
As, I could not see such a crowd in any other restaurants in that line, I have decided to follow my friends who already started walking towards it. From the scenario, it was evident that the crowd is not only there to dine, but something else is happening there. It was the donation event of the charity program organized by that restaurant. From the signboard that kept in front of the restaurant, we could understand that the restaurant is donating an approximate amount of QAR 50,000 TO Qatar Charity. They gathered this money by donating 10% of the total bill amount from their customers who spent more than 150 QAR in the restaurant. Though, the reason of us being attracted towards the restaurant was their generosity, what made us stay there for the next 2 hours was the quality of the delicacies they had. The restaurant’s name was dunia. They served both Persian and oriental cuisines.
Though, I was not familiar with these delicacies, my friends had a great idea about the dishes in the menu. While they were busy ordering food what impressed me the most was the dandy ambience and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Unlike many other eateries I visited during my one year stay in Doha, we didn’t have to wait a long for the food to reach the table. Even before ordering, the table was packed with some breads and salads. All of us being foodies, we began the lunch with a soup. I preferred a vegetable soup and exchanged my chicken soup with the lentil soup of my friend. The soup was grand enough to prepare my stomach for a heavy lunch. Once we were done with the soup, a combo appetizer was served. There were four shells of dishes within a single plate. In spite of being new to my taste buds, I could not resist from trying all the four of them. I loved vine leaves, Tabouk and Hammos, but I could not handle the different savour of eggplant dish Moutabbal. But my friends didn’t even leave that plate vacant.

Even before finishing the plate, the table was ready with the main course. As I preferred fish, Persian fish was served on my plate. The yellow coloured rice tasted above all the tastes, I had till then. The white colour fish was cooked in some sauce, I guess saffron sauce fascinated me a lot. Even my friends who had Oriental Rice with Lamb, Kabab mix and Sayadieh Samak seemed hooked with the luscious delicacies. Whilst, I didn’t want to let that enthralling taste to leave from my tongue, I preferred not to have the dessert, but my friends tried Basbousa, Kounafa Cheese and Om Ali. The restaurant offered us a very different experience, and now as I am back to Qatar again looks forward to visit dunia restaurant once again to pamper the foodie in me. Yet, I will not forget my promise and will focus on the cultural traits of Doha in my next post in this travelogue series.


Then and Now

Then, he saw the petals, now he sees the thorns
          Whilst there was jasmine around the corner

Then she saw the light, now she feels the heat
         Bearing a wish for the breeze to come and soothe

Then he heard the music, now he hears the scream
         Evoking an assay for rhythmic joy of delight

Then She felt the comfort, now she stands the ail
         To bring forth a desire to have a relief

Then he relished love, now he endures queer
        Hence was in need of a superfluous spirit

Then she found the refuge, now she lost her faith
         Landing an appeal for final moments to come


You are Me

When I keep my foot on the floor,
I feel you are my earth

When I satisfy the harsh thirst,
I feel you are my water

When I learn new lessons of life,
I feel you are my book

When I begin writing a poem,
I feel you are my inspiration

When I am devoid of ideas,
I feel you are my imagination

When I look on the mirror for me,
I feel you are there in it

When I seek the 'I' in me,
I feel you are that special me.

He is alive

My want is to be blind to keep away the news of your demise
For I couldn’t let me feel that my guide is no more alive

My wish is to be deaf to make my ears get rid of the mourning’s
For I never could imagine a nation that is devoid of you

My need is to be a mute since I heard you aren’t there anymore
For I always fell back on your word to speak as if you are a book

My desire to be ignorant about the thought of your death
For I never even imagined a nation without you having its steer

My prayer is to be immersed in a deep and sound sleep
For I don’t want even to have a thought of your loss again

My hope is to have a life with a thought of you are alive
For I drew myself to the notion that you are still around

My trust still falls back on your mission for the nation
For I still perceive heights as per your guidance and counsel

Note: This is a few lines written in memory of India's guide Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam


Yet another gimmick: The friendship day

With globalization in the air as a norm, the friendship day has become a part of our life, so everyone must be on a desire to know what caused 2nd August the day to remember the day of friendship, right? The martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January made the day special and we, the Indians celebrate it as the Martyrs day. Similarly, National science day of India is observed on 28th February in memory of the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V.Raman, the great Nobel Laureate. With these cases in front, we expect a great instance of friendship in association of friendship, isn’t it?

If your answer is yes, disappointment is the output you are about to get, because, friendship day is the product of business promotion activities conducted by Mr. Joyce hall, the founding chairman of Hallmark cards in 1930. An advertising technique to sell the greeting cards designed by the company. If Wikipedia could be believed, this American business strategy of course touched the American market, but not their society. Sad to say, but we the people of India, Bangladesh and Malaysia celebrate it with great pursuit. We still help the greeting card industry and other allied industry with the fire that was fathered by Mr.Hall in 1930.

In India, people have advanced a bit more by mixing the Rakhi practice of Raksha bandhan with it and started tying friendship bands to each other’s wrists. A great boost to friendship band industry. Yet another gimmick like Gold sellers converted akshaya Tritiya, the birthday of Parashurama as the day to buy Gold. Though the day is considered as good enough to start ventures, none shared an example of this day to buy gold. Yet, celebrations are always good….so….we are also celebrating it with a wish to all great friends on earth. Happy friendship day to all my friends.


I won’t let you fancy my loss

Hope being the impulse of my day,

I let my dreams, pursue for success

I may appear as if I am in struggle

Yet, I won’t let you fancy my loss

Sailing in the drowning dark ship 

I placed hope as the light of my jaunt

Though, weakness being the routine

I determined to stand grand and tall

At the verge of me losing my hope

I made up my mind to smile

Effacing my bid to shed tears

I nailed smile as the norm of my lips

 Choosing hope as the first thought 

I altered my fate from death to life

Whilst, death the instance of the day 

I shifted its curse with life, the boon

Having hope as the gift of the day,

I kept my dreams rear and result

Hope being the impulse of my day,

I let my dreams, pursue for success

Though I appear as if in struggle

I won’t let you fancy my loss



I feel the wink of stars within my own eyes, 

when they could sense you around
My heart rushed to make each beat, 
with those mellifluous sonnets of your lips
Rhythmic strains sprang up from heart, 
when I saw myself entering in your shades
I lost the hold on my legs and hands, 
as you were heading towards me to embrace
Keeping my eyes open wasn't easy 
as I was being engulfed within your hands
Hauling myself towards your chest was awesome, 
for I lost my own self then
Taking a nap on your bosom was comforting 
as it always left me with warmth

My Friend

In pains, I looked for a companion to share, 
I saw you taking my pain on your shoulders
When I was scared, I wanted someone to be around, 

You were there beside me to console
Those glad moments, when I was eager to celebrate,
You seemed dancing before me
Whenever the streams of tears touched my lashes
Your hands of comfort wiped my tears
Opportunity when knocked its turn on my door
It was you who opened it for me
Being the strength of my being, I asked God “Is it you?””
“Are you my mom, dad, brother or love?”
God was not hesitant to answer my query with a yes
Yes, God took the name friend and came on earth to be mine



I want to be accurate, 
Like my God who always kept showering his blessings
I want to be accurate, 
Like the sun who never delays itself to rise
I want to be accurate, 
Like the Venus who never forgets to show up
I want to be accurate, 
Like the clouds that never fails to return rains
I want to be accurate, 
Like the rains that never hid its face from the earth
I want to be accurate, 
Like the earth that never stops to revolve and rotate
I want to be accurate, 
Like the stars that never forgets to scintillate 
I want to be accurate, 
Like my mother who never goes wrong in her prayers
I want to be accurate, 
Like my man who never gives his way to love me
I want to be accurate,
Like my eyelids that never ceases its blinks
I want to be accurate, 
Like my heart that always sanctifies my life fluid
I want to be accurate, 
Like myself who always kept thinking of you


The Pessimist

This morning was awesome for it bore a lot of excitements

With the best of light, the maiden ray wakened the dawn

Sun seemed to be beatifying with the desire to feed the planet

Though the campaign was dull, the breeze winged with loyalty

Flowers sought for delighting colour and aroma to charm the world

Flying Butterflies appeared as if they are committed to someone

Birds sang songs of wisdom and love with their mellifluent voices

Rivers basked their motility by sparing its water for the banks

Tides appealed with their love as they often paid visits to shores

Yet, I was scared whether I will be able to savour this beauty forever

Fear and despair dragged me back from being happy as always

I, the unfortunate, or unworthy still sit here and shed tears on fate


Bearing a poem

With these small words, I dreamt of making a river flow

A flow that will bring out all those delighting emotions

Those emotions got me cease for special moments

A kind of eternal lay off, that was drew up by honesty

Honesty being the focus of thoughts, I was out of docility 

Thoughts flowing out of my control, I was charmed

Charmed by the flow of words, that was whelming

I wrote the story of my soul in steady rhyming words

On ceasing the story of my soul, I named it as a poem


Proud to be a woman,

Proud to be a woman,
I called my mother as the universe

Proud to be a woman,

I named my teacher as knowledge

Proud to be a woman,

I christened my sister as dignity

Proud to be a woman,

I found my friend as desirable

Proud to be a woman,

I looked my daughter as veracity

Proud to be a woman,

I saw myself as the integrity

Happy Women's Day to all my friends



Looking at the long flux of water,
I turned myself into water

Feeling the flames of fire on hands,
I made myself into fire

Sensing the soothing touch of wind,
I drew myself into air

Fantasying the blinking flash of light,
I illumine myself into light

Dreading the rolling wrap of dark,
I fixed myself into shadow

Shivering at the chilling drop of snow,
I built myself into snow

Relishing the solacing shade of love,

I grew myself into love

I know that I am not

It’s true; beauty forgot to be a part of my life,
Yet, I would call myself beautiful

It’s true; intelligence refused to befriend me,
Yet, I would call myself intelligent

It’s true; cleverness hasn't shown role on me,
Yet, I would call myself brilliant

It’s true; charm denied its share of joy to me
Yet, I would call myself sizzling

Its true; abundance hesitated with its deal for me
Yet, I would call myself rich

Its true; nature didn't resume my own bloodline
Yet, I would call myself fertile


An astonishing appearance

On an assay to recuperate from the expiration of the sun
I was looking at the horizon dreaming of impossibility
Nature seemed to be mystic with a lot of hidden facts
It asked me to wait till the next dawn for the impossible
The impossibility of a new life to the sun that expired
Death appeared like a small baby who cries at times
And returns itself with a smile on face within no time

As the thoughts swamped me to the realness of life
Your grin caught my eyes all of a sudden, oh Venus
You smiled from the place of an awful breakup, where
The sun uttered no words while leaving me all alone
Your appearance was like a consolation to recover
Recover from the pain of a horrible separation
Imparting your grimace to my weeping face of sorrow
You stood like the brighter entity of the universe

The sun already had a nice sent off and was not seen
The moon was yet to be seen somewhere around
As the sky grown darker and darker without blemish
You made yourself brighter and brighter
In growing darkness, you appeared like a symbol
A symbol of goodness among the world of badness
As I was about to lose myself on your smile,
A small breeze slowly touched on my face
As if it wants to tell that something is missing
Something that will make me brighter
Brighter than you oh dear Venus


You are my eraser

You erased all my sorrows like an eraser does with pencil marks,
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to erase it

You wiped off all my tears like an eraser does with all hand shifts
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to wipe it off

You effaced all my offenses like an eraser does with all my errors
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to efface it

You unbowed all my disarray like an eraser does with dark lines
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to un bow it

You rubbed out all my gloom like an eraser does with shadows
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to rub it out

You moved out all my lags like an eraser does with drafting hands
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to remove it

You edited all my myths like an erase does with alien draws
No matter though, you had to leave yourself to edit it


My Eraser

Returning me to the reality would have been difficult
If you were not there to erase all of my mistakes

Editing each of my errors would have been arduous
If you were not there to rub out each of them

Deleting all of my faults would have been impossible
If you were not there to remove those flaws

Redemption of my spurted ideas would have been severe
If you were not there to slay those imperfections

Framing of my real sketch would have been laborious
If you were not there to wipe off those pin lines

Casting the best of my imagination would have been hard
If you were not there to wipe out their blemishes

Living a life of uncertainty would have been easier
If you were there to wrap all my misapprehensions

Leading life without you would have been elusive
Like a painter who leads a life without an eraser.

The Dangerous Serenity

A stroll through the banks of the river made me enjoy the bump of a clean breeze over the face. It seemed a very pleasant experience and I could really enjoy my solitude on that leisurely walk as it was one of those rare occasions I got to talk to myself during the busy schedule of my life. Employment with a multinational corporate, demanded a normal person like me to invest a lot more under the pet names of commitment and smart work; nevertheless we never got rewarded adequately for our loyalty and awful distress. As my joy in the stroll was overwhelming, I couldn’t discern ‘whether I am watching a 3D movie or I am in a dream or I live the reality”. As if it wanted to make me confirm the existence of myself to be on earth, a dried up branch of a short plant crimped on my leg. If I was not in an extreme superficial world, I would never have noticed this misbehavior as I would have been in a very busy schedule to guide me ignore such minute sensations, but now, I could make it out with an extreme volatile realization because of my ultimate enjoyment that kept me detached from the realities on earth. 

Returning to the reality, opened a lot of undeniable facts and the most important among them was ”I am walking through the bank of a beautiful river for more than an hour and till now, I didn’t reach my destination where I am supposed to meet my customer whose wisdom will make me achieve my business target of the month”. As she told me over the phone while seeking an appointment, I was supposed to walk only for 20 minutes I walked beyond that for more than an hour. But, no scenic beauty that enticed my eyes for last one hour included a building as she told. As I was very sure of not seeing any buildings on the way through the bank of the river, I decided to ring her again. Though I wanted to reach her phone, I couldn't because my mobile service provider never understood the appealing beauty of this location. Though, I was standing in the calmest and the most charming place I ever saw, a strange fear launched into my heart. The feeling which I named as solitude, now appeared as loneliness and it invariably began to scare me. I raised my voice to see if somebody is around, but adding up my fear I couldn't find the presence of another living being there. Instead, I heard the roaring voices of dogs and foxes somewhere around. My heart suddenly became the port of fear and doubt. Do I need to proceed further or should I go back to office?

The sun was tired and was planning to reduce its heat to a certain level. I checked the time in my watch. It was 4 pm. The option of returning to the office required immediate attention as my boss called an urgent meeting at 5.30 pm to announce the top manager of the month. If I could get this business closed today, I will be that lucky one for the very first time in my career. Though, the intense desire for recognition and the draw of a handsome incentive seemed to be strong motivators, what exactly made me resume my walk was the serene nature that mesmerized me from head to toe. I continued walking without even thinking of my destination. On completion of 20 more minutes in the enchanting beauty of the greenish nature, I saw a small hut and an old man who was enjoying his local cigar. As I could see the first human being in   last two hours, I expected my mobile service provider could be alive here, but in vain. 

Noticing me trying to check the network, the old man smiled at me showing his dark set of teeth and sympathetically told that “Kunje, you will not get mobile network here. You need to walk for half an hour more to reach the village where you can get the mobile network.” I was shocked because I never expected such a place near the heart of the city”.
When I sought help from the old man to find the house of the lady who can rewrite the history of my day, the old man again smiled with empathy and told me “Kunje somebody must have cheated you as nobody lives in this place, it’s a reserved forest. Nobody goes inside the forest alone because poisonous snakes and wild dogs reign there”. I could not believe his words as it was the place in which I found myself. How could the place that gave me a lot of positive energy be the home for poisonous beings? I felt a bit bad of him calling the beings of that ravishing atmosphere poisonous, instead I preferred to call that dangerous name to the woman who cheated me and made me go to a forest alone. After drinking the water, offered by the old man, I planned to return to the place where I started my walk as my driver was waiting there with car.   The old man named my thought “unthoughtful” and guided me to walk towards the village from where I will get a bus to reach the city.

On returning, I saw my counterpart was crowned as the best performer of the month and I was given a lot of abuses for the irresponsible behavior I showed. My boss could not believe my story and it was named as yet another imaginative excuse of an inefficient employee. Even my close friends who do understand me didn't seem to believe my fascinating story. Those who believed me could not understand that how I could be alive even after passing that reserved forest alone. The reactions of all those who know about the place told me one thing evidently; I enjoyed my solitude with the bump of an aromatic breeze and heap of delighting nature in a very dangerous forest where hungry dogs and poisonous snakes await to kill human beings. Tough, I was subject to be scared I never was, on the other hand, I still cherish those moments of solitude and christened it as the most unattainable happiness yet again. All thanks to the lady who misguided me to that place alone. She must have thought of me dying alone inside it, but I am living: living with the memories of that marveling serenity forever.   


Jisha Jagadeesh

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