Looking at the long flux of water,
I turned myself into water

Feeling the flames of fire on hands,
I made myself into fire

Sensing the soothing touch of wind,
I drew myself into air

Fantasying the blinking flash of light,
I illumine myself into light

Dreading the rolling wrap of dark,
I fixed myself into shadow

Shivering at the chilling drop of snow,
I built myself into snow

Relishing the solacing shade of love,

I grew myself into love

I know that I am not

It’s true; beauty forgot to be a part of my life,
Yet, I would call myself beautiful

It’s true; intelligence refused to befriend me,
Yet, I would call myself intelligent

It’s true; cleverness hasn't shown role on me,
Yet, I would call myself brilliant

It’s true; charm denied its share of joy to me
Yet, I would call myself sizzling

Its true; abundance hesitated with its deal for me
Yet, I would call myself rich

Its true; nature didn't resume my own bloodline
Yet, I would call myself fertile


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License