Bearing a poem

With these small words, I dreamt of making a river flow

A flow that will bring out all those delighting emotions

Those emotions got me cease for special moments

A kind of eternal lay off, that was drew up by honesty

Honesty being the focus of thoughts, I was out of docility 

Thoughts flowing out of my control, I was charmed

Charmed by the flow of words, that was whelming

I wrote the story of my soul in steady rhyming words

On ceasing the story of my soul, I named it as a poem


Proud to be a woman,

Proud to be a woman,
I called my mother as the universe

Proud to be a woman,

I named my teacher as knowledge

Proud to be a woman,

I christened my sister as dignity

Proud to be a woman,

I found my friend as desirable

Proud to be a woman,

I looked my daughter as veracity

Proud to be a woman,

I saw myself as the integrity

Happy Women's Day to all my friends

Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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