The Pessimist

This morning was awesome for it bore a lot of excitements

With the best of light, the maiden ray wakened the dawn

Sun seemed to be beatifying with the desire to feed the planet

Though the campaign was dull, the breeze winged with loyalty

Flowers sought for delighting colour and aroma to charm the world

Flying Butterflies appeared as if they are committed to someone

Birds sang songs of wisdom and love with their mellifluent voices

Rivers basked their motility by sparing its water for the banks

Tides appealed with their love as they often paid visits to shores

Yet, I was scared whether I will be able to savour this beauty forever

Fear and despair dragged me back from being happy as always

I, the unfortunate, or unworthy still sit here and shed tears on fate

Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

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