I won’t let you fancy my loss

Hope being the impulse of my day,

I let my dreams, pursue for success

I may appear as if I am in struggle

Yet, I won’t let you fancy my loss

Sailing in the drowning dark ship 

I placed hope as the light of my jaunt

Though, weakness being the routine

I determined to stand grand and tall

At the verge of me losing my hope

I made up my mind to smile

Effacing my bid to shed tears

I nailed smile as the norm of my lips

 Choosing hope as the first thought 

I altered my fate from death to life

Whilst, death the instance of the day 

I shifted its curse with life, the boon

Having hope as the gift of the day,

I kept my dreams rear and result

Hope being the impulse of my day,

I let my dreams, pursue for success

Though I appear as if in struggle

I won’t let you fancy my loss



I feel the wink of stars within my own eyes, 

when they could sense you around
My heart rushed to make each beat, 
with those mellifluous sonnets of your lips
Rhythmic strains sprang up from heart, 
when I saw myself entering in your shades
I lost the hold on my legs and hands, 
as you were heading towards me to embrace
Keeping my eyes open wasn't easy 
as I was being engulfed within your hands
Hauling myself towards your chest was awesome, 
for I lost my own self then
Taking a nap on your bosom was comforting 
as it always left me with warmth

My Friend

In pains, I looked for a companion to share, 
I saw you taking my pain on your shoulders
When I was scared, I wanted someone to be around, 

You were there beside me to console
Those glad moments, when I was eager to celebrate,
You seemed dancing before me
Whenever the streams of tears touched my lashes
Your hands of comfort wiped my tears
Opportunity when knocked its turn on my door
It was you who opened it for me
Being the strength of my being, I asked God “Is it you?””
“Are you my mom, dad, brother or love?”
God was not hesitant to answer my query with a yes
Yes, God took the name friend and came on earth to be mine


Jisha Jagadeesh

Copyright © 2015

It's Me The Miracle by Jisha Jagadeesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License