Then and Now

Then, he saw the petals, now he sees the thorns
          Whilst there was jasmine around the corner

Then she saw the light, now she feels the heat
         Bearing a wish for the breeze to come and soothe

Then he heard the music, now he hears the scream
         Evoking an assay for rhythmic joy of delight

Then She felt the comfort, now she stands the ail
         To bring forth a desire to have a relief

Then he relished love, now he endures queer
        Hence was in need of a superfluous spirit

Then she found the refuge, now she lost her faith
         Landing an appeal for final moments to come


You are Me

When I keep my foot on the floor,
I feel you are my earth

When I satisfy the harsh thirst,
I feel you are my water

When I learn new lessons of life,
I feel you are my book

When I begin writing a poem,
I feel you are my inspiration

When I am devoid of ideas,
I feel you are my imagination

When I look on the mirror for me,
I feel you are there in it

When I seek the 'I' in me,
I feel you are that special me.

He is alive

My want is to be blind to keep away the news of your demise
For I couldn’t let me feel that my guide is no more alive

My wish is to be deaf to make my ears get rid of the mourning’s
For I never could imagine a nation that is devoid of you

My need is to be a mute since I heard you aren’t there anymore
For I always fell back on your word to speak as if you are a book

My desire to be ignorant about the thought of your death
For I never even imagined a nation without you having its steer

My prayer is to be immersed in a deep and sound sleep
For I don’t want even to have a thought of your loss again

My hope is to have a life with a thought of you are alive
For I drew myself to the notion that you are still around

My trust still falls back on your mission for the nation
For I still perceive heights as per your guidance and counsel

Note: This is a few lines written in memory of India's guide Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam


Yet another gimmick: The friendship day

With globalization in the air as a norm, the friendship day has become a part of our life, so everyone must be on a desire to know what caused 2nd August the day to remember the day of friendship, right? The martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January made the day special and we, the Indians celebrate it as the Martyrs day. Similarly, National science day of India is observed on 28th February in memory of the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V.Raman, the great Nobel Laureate. With these cases in front, we expect a great instance of friendship in association of friendship, isn’t it?

If your answer is yes, disappointment is the output you are about to get, because, friendship day is the product of business promotion activities conducted by Mr. Joyce hall, the founding chairman of Hallmark cards in 1930. An advertising technique to sell the greeting cards designed by the company. If Wikipedia could be believed, this American business strategy of course touched the American market, but not their society. Sad to say, but we the people of India, Bangladesh and Malaysia celebrate it with great pursuit. We still help the greeting card industry and other allied industry with the fire that was fathered by Mr.Hall in 1930.

In India, people have advanced a bit more by mixing the Rakhi practice of Raksha bandhan with it and started tying friendship bands to each other’s wrists. A great boost to friendship band industry. Yet another gimmick like Gold sellers converted akshaya Tritiya, the birthday of Parashurama as the day to buy Gold. Though the day is considered as good enough to start ventures, none shared an example of this day to buy gold. Yet, celebrations are always good….so….we are also celebrating it with a wish to all great friends on earth. Happy friendship day to all my friends.


Jisha Jagadeesh

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