Impact of media in the society

The impact of media in the society has grown to various sectors like the source of Information, education, Socialization of children and youth, entertainment, Political awareness, Cultural transmission, the catalyst to development etc. Let’s have a look on each of these aspects in detail.

The source of Information

The news items carried by the mass media are instrumental to bring a lot of information required for social life, such as current affairs, government policies, traffic regulations, weather forecasts, examination results, alerts, precautions etc. With the growth of audiovisual media, we are able to get live updates of almost all the latest events and could make our daily lives better.


Along with assisting the formal education system with educational channels, educational programs and features broadcasted or published in various types of mass media, they also provide an informal kind of education to people with predefined objectives. Such informal education includes a wide variety of news based contents like reports, features, photos, cartoons, editorials and articles and non-news contents like advertisements to educate people about the newest trends in their surroundings. Mass media in our city directly participate in the educational system by publishing educational Supplements for students. Education Plus of The Hindu, Also, we have a number of educational TV channels such as national geographic channel and Gyandarshan.


In our city, mass media has shown its impact as an agent of socialization. It could empower people to acquire norms and experiences of the group as a whole, to maintain cultural consensus and communal harmony. It helps us to understand the cultural and social norms of various groups in our society. On the basis of this information, individuals honor others and behave according to the common values and thus create an integrated society.


With the advent and growth of mass media, especially television and social media, the city life became much more entertained. Having a monotonous life of troubles and tensions with hectic schedules and stressful events, mass media is a blessing for the city dwellers with all its entertainment content. Newspapers publish cartoons, comics, puzzles and special weekend supplements. The major share of magazine content includes short stories, novels, and comics. Television and radio primarily concentrate on entertainment function through their programs based on sports, film, serials, music, dance, comedy, animation and fashion shows.

Political functions

Usually the mass media, be it television or newspapers, most of their content, is centered on politics in our society. We see our leaders criticize officials and political leaders and advocate for better living conditions during panel discussions on television. Similarly, journalists expose corruption, show up developments and condemn or praise political activities considering their merits. Actually, these actions of the media make our democracy vibrant. Thus, mass media assume a key role in setting the agenda for the entire political system and policy making by forming public opinion on various issues

Cultural transmission

Mass media are the bridge between our past and present. They report day to day affairs which will become the history of tomorrow. The best records of modern history are newspapers of yester years. We get our cultural tradition from history and we follow the best of them. In keeping our culture flowing, media play a vital role. It focuses on the genuine aspects of our culture and points out the undesirable trends.

The current world of globalization considers media as a part of its daily routine and can’t even think of going a day without internet, television and newspaper. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogs have become instrumental to exchange ideas so promptly and widely than other conventional media. Whether it is social, financial, educational, and cultural or anything: every field of life is focussed on 4C’s: creativity, communication, connection, and creation. Thanks to the growth of technology.


Qatar Travelogue - Part 3

Once again, I am back with my travelogue series. I still remember my promise of writing about my long journey from Hyderabad to Kochi and the cultural and political traits of Qatar. I will indeed apply my pen in motion for those great experiences, however now…I thought of writing about some more of my experiences at Villaggio Mall, of which I already had given a mention in my last post. The motivation behind me drawing a step back is something really refreshing and exciting!!! Yes…it is nothing other than food….The memory of mouth-watering cuisines….
Though, my taste buds have a great role in inspiring me to return to Villagio, it is not the only motivational factor that made me write about the experience in the mall. It is something else that is often not seen with a private business group in Doha. I revisited Villaggio mall on somewhere in the mid of last year with three of my friends. As usual, the mall was brightening with all its previously mentioned appealing features. This time, I went inside through gate no: 4 of which, I entered the food court. Walking towards the right side, the first sight that captured my eyes was the line of restaurants located against the ice skating rink. Though, I had a temptation to watch the children who skate in the rink, I could not resist the pleasing aroma from the line of restaurants. There was a plenty of cuisines to choose from such as Chinese, Indian, Continental, Filipino, European etc.
The multitude of options sweetly launched me into confusion and so I decided to walk along to see all the available options at first. On the go, there was a strange sight prevented our path. Ice creams are thrown!!! When a customer chooses their flavours, the sales man mixes the ice cream by throwing the ice cream balls rapidly up and down and across. Once they are mixed and garnished with toppings, they are thrown again to another end to be served. I watched this beautiful and rare process for some time and in the mean, a small crowd in front of a restaurant, opposite to the ice cream shop caught my attention.
As, I could not see such a crowd in any other restaurants in that line, I have decided to follow my friends who already started walking towards it. From the scenario, it was evident that the crowd is not only there to dine, but something else is happening there. It was the donation event of the charity program organized by that restaurant. From the signboard that kept in front of the restaurant, we could understand that the restaurant is donating an approximate amount of QAR 50,000 TO Qatar Charity. They gathered this money by donating 10% of the total bill amount from their customers who spent more than 150 QAR in the restaurant. Though, the reason of us being attracted towards the restaurant was their generosity, what made us stay there for the next 2 hours was the quality of the delicacies they had. The restaurant’s name was dunia. They served both Persian and oriental cuisines.
Though, I was not familiar with these delicacies, my friends had a great idea about the dishes in the menu. While they were busy ordering food what impressed me the most was the dandy ambience and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Unlike many other eateries I visited during my one year stay in Doha, we didn’t have to wait a long for the food to reach the table. Even before ordering, the table was packed with some breads and salads. All of us being foodies, we began the lunch with a soup. I preferred a vegetable soup and exchanged my chicken soup with the lentil soup of my friend. The soup was grand enough to prepare my stomach for a heavy lunch. Once we were done with the soup, a combo appetizer was served. There were four shells of dishes within a single plate. In spite of being new to my taste buds, I could not resist from trying all the four of them. I loved vine leaves, Tabouk and Hammos, but I could not handle the different savour of eggplant dish Moutabbal. But my friends didn’t even leave that plate vacant.

Even before finishing the plate, the table was ready with the main course. As I preferred fish, Persian fish was served on my plate. The yellow coloured rice tasted above all the tastes, I had till then. The white colour fish was cooked in some sauce, I guess saffron sauce fascinated me a lot. Even my friends who had Oriental Rice with Lamb, Kabab mix and Sayadieh Samak seemed hooked with the luscious delicacies. Whilst, I didn’t want to let that enthralling taste to leave from my tongue, I preferred not to have the dessert, but my friends tried Basbousa, Kounafa Cheese and Om Ali. The restaurant offered us a very different experience, and now as I am back to Qatar again looks forward to visit dunia restaurant once again to pamper the foodie in me. Yet, I will not forget my promise and will focus on the cultural traits of Doha in my next post in this travelogue series.


Jisha Jagadeesh

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