Communication does not exist in vacuum

Though communication is a term that coined in the recent past in the west, it is not a new concept. It is the fundamental process of interaction between living beings. Since man is created as a social being, he is meant to interact with each other to facilitate a social life. In that aspect, communication is a lifeless term without living beings.  Communication is possible only between living beings. Whether it is animals, birds or human beings, communication is a routine affair.
Thus it was always believed that, the fundamental process of communication is not possible without a partner, but in the context of our nation during the past, when mysticism was on the air, communication to oneself gained significance. As mysticism is based on a self-centred life where one understands his or her deep realization of God and the universe by himself or herself. Budha, Mirabai, Kabeer Das etc were a few who could perform such interaction within themselves without being a visible receiver. In such communication both the sender and receiver are the same person. Such a communication is known by the name intra personnel communication.
This kind of intra personnel communication enriched the inter personnel communication as all those who practiced intra personnel communication could practice inter personnel communication much effectively than others.  The above discussion indicates that communication and social life is not parallel phenomena, instead both of them go hand in hand like a simultaneous phenomenon as an individual can communicate only from his thoughts that is based on his social and cultural life. As the current life of one person is influenced by the past of his culture, the culture has a close association with the communication of that particular person.

This indicate that the language and other communicative aspects of a person who lives in a rural area will never have urban flavours. One can easily identify the socio cultural life of an individual from the way he communicate from others. This idea can put it most effectively with the statement ‘Communication does not exist in vacuum, it is an integral part of our socio-political and cultural life’. In the current world as well, the media of communication are not independent from the socio-political and cultural life of the society. The expressions and manifestations of the media are depended on the events and thoughts of the social, political and cultural life of the society. 

Jisha Jagadeesh

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