The Ailing Kitten

After the first shock of being attacked, the kitten tried to stand straight on its four legs. The pursuit seemed impossible because of the heavy physical assault by the boys. The attempt was not even close to success since it’s front leg on the right side kept on bleeding and was not able to move. The kitten wanted to have a look at its bleeding leg but couldn’t as its eyes were covered with blood.  Unable to stand, it had nothing else to do other than lying on the ground, but the conflicting cat genes was not ready to submit. The kitten opened its tiny eyes and stared at the boys who were still in positions and were ready to attack. Boys are always boys who can’t even think of leaving their object of entertainment at any cost.

Although it was difficult to resist those multiple assaulters at once, the kitten refused to fail and snorted with rage. Its blood coated eyes widened in anger and it stood all of a sudden with a very fast drive. Though, the anger was big enough to get the kitten in its legs, the pain linked with the action was bigger. The meow sound that roused simultaneously with the movement that brought the kitten on its legs proved it. Yet, it was not in its four legs. The kitten was holding one of its front legs from touching the ground. Each piece of sand appeared like needles to that tiny ailing leg. As there was no object to hide or depend while rounded by a group of assaulters carrying stones in the midst of that sandy ground, the kitten had no way other than becoming an angry young kitten.

The blood coated kitten from head to toe when stood on its legs, the assaulting boys became conscious and was about to throw stones again. The presence of girls around increased the interest of the boys. Each painful sound came from the kitten increased anxiety among the watching crowd. Suddenly that sweet but sharp voice was heard, Stop it! The lone girl in the fourth form, who never used to speak to anyone stood like a savior in front of the crowd. The boys looked at her as if she came from another planet. Even the girls looked at her like an alien. ‘Don’t kill the kitten. It is also a life”. The teasing laughter that came in response was clear enough for the girl to understand that she will never be able to save the creature.

Yet, she was not ready to leave that life forever without giving a try to save it. She ran to the teacher’s room and informed about the injustice that happens on the playground. The teachers who were busy in having lunch while gossiping did not even were ready to hear her. Being helpless, she could find herself as a useless creature. Her sad heart compared her life with the life of an ailing kitten. To avoid seeing the final moments of the beautiful furry kitten, she went into her class. She could not control the flow of tears. Though, it seemed impossible, she prayed to God for the kitten. Losing all hope, she anticipated the mouth of the kitten. “It would have died by now”, she thought.

The two hour long afternoon session was like twenty hours to her. However, she could not maintain patience till four ‘o’clock to see what had happened to the kitten. Once, the first period was over, she let the class without informing the teacher and ran to the playground. The kitten who still had traits of life in its body was battling for life on the hot play ground. The girl, while extending its hand to help also appeared like an attacker to the kitten and it puffed meow. Hesitant to leave the kitten at the edge of death, the girl sought ways to take it home safely. Finally, she got a big leaf of Areca nut tree and made a soft pad with its leaf palm. She could manage to get the kitten laid in the palm and took it away from the ground, where the cruel attackers will be able to reach only after the school hours.

Though, she was not sure of saving the tiny life, she carted the kitten in the palm from the hot playground. Once out of the barbarous attack and flaming sunlight, the kitten slowly opened it’s eyes and looked at her. A slow and awful meow got blocked on it’s throat. The blocked meow suddenly reminded the girl that the kitten is badly in need of water. She looked into her water bottle which was empty. Leaving the kitten alone in the mid of the road to get water appeared to be more dangerous and she decided to make the kitten wait till the next public tap comes on the road. While dragging the palm cart, her heart kept praying for that precious life. Much before she moves ahead a lot, a miserable meow came from the kitten. The kitten seemed to take huge effort to make that voice.

As there was no way to get water immediately, she sat beside the palm and touched gently on its right leg. As there was no resistance from the kitten as before, she gave a smoothing touch of relief on its shivering body. On this, the kitten slowly opened its eyes and looked at her in agony. The intense feeling of pain and suffering seen in those eyes made her realize her obligation of saving that life and she lifted that leaf palm in her hands and started walking fast. On reaching the next public water tap, she got water in her water bottle and slowly poured it into kitten’s mouth. When it got water, the kitten seemed a bit fine and opened it’s eyes completely. The girl cleaned the blood coated wounds of the kitten. She saw that all the four legs and the head was wounded. She took the kitten home and solaced its wounds with medicine and let it sleep. None of her family other than her, believed that the kitten will survive. Later, that night while she was on the dining table her leg was kissed by a tiny furry creature who looked at her with all the love and passion in the world. 


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