Welcome to my blog, “It’s me, the miracle”. A miracle is an unexpected event attributed to divine intervention. It is a marvellous effect, manifesting a supernatural act of a providential agent. Yes…I am a miracle performed by heaven and here, I invite all of you to learn this heavenly deed. In this blog, you can read my poems, stories, and parables along with my experiences. All my writings are inspired by my solitude. Those who know me may wonder and may ask, “”how? How can you be in solitude? It’s impossible. You never have been alone in your life. You were among people, and how can you say your work is inspired by solitude?” That is a question, which is worth to be asked to a person like me who was among people. Isn’t it?

My answer is yes, I agree with you, but you know, I call myself and my blog as a miracle because I enjoy solitude when I am not alone. I bask the fruit of engrossment when I am among a crowd. My thoughts about heaven get formulated when I am on earth. The sentiments for poor and unfortunate stalk my mind when I am among the rich and happy and my poems about forests were written when I was in cities. That’s why I told, it’s not the environment, events or sites that made me write.

When all my friends were busy with medical entrance preparation at school, I read a lot. I went through the words of M.T.Vasudevan Nair, O.V.Vijayan and N.S.Madhavan. My English education started at 4. As a student, reading “English novels” was a far dream for me. But I was content with my language and education. Every day I tried to add something new to my language. To organize my English grammar, my friend presented me a “book written by Wren and Martin” on my 17th Birth day (I did not finish reading it yet). The Bible played a very big role in developing my language skills.

I believe my works as well as my thoughts have been influenced by a large number of writers. I think different, I speak different and I write different. Yes, I like to swim against the flow and that attitude has given to me from heaven which made me lead a life of solitude and further becoming a miracle. A miracle is not a subjective action. There must be someone to perform the miracle- The miracle worker. I also do have one, the man and power behind my life and words-my God. I believe, without him, I never can be anything comparable to a miracle. Thank God for keeping me in his heart.

Jisha Jagadeesh

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